Why Instagram is Popular Feed Source Used in Social Walls

With the help of social wall, you can create a fully customizable streaming feed display which can showcase incoming posts bearing hashtags. The sources of these posts can be various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social Walls especially excel at places like live events, conferences, centered displays at events, virtual gatherings, and samsung galaxy s8 antutu score on website or blogs.

Instagram Feed in a Social Wall

Instagram as the social network now boasts 700 million users, a milestone it achieved recently in April 2017. At this rate, it is no doubt that it will achieve a billion users figure. This proves that this social platform has come very far in popularity and the development. It would be unwise to ignore the potential of the Instagram as the platform which can bring a large amount of interactive content, specifically when used in any type of social wall deployments. Being a photo (and video) content dominated social network where people share with their friends and followers. Not all features might be used by people but it sure attracts a large audience to the network, from all over the world.

Popularity of the Instagram

One reason why Instagram has reached the heights of popularity is the simplicity of operations in the application on mobile devices. Users can easily upload photos to his profile and watch what his friends are posting on their smartphones or tablets. Just like Facebook and Twitter, people are always in a race to go ahead in a number of likes and followers. It can help individuals and brands alike to have more momentum in these regards to reaching their core audience.

Understanding Instagram Feeds

There is not only a single feed, but there are actually four different sources of Instagram content using Instagram API which can be linked to being showcased on a social wall.

Hashtag Timeline

This is one of the most popular types of content provider used in social walls which has acquired Instagram API permission. The fetches content from the specified hashtag defined in the backend.

User Timeline

It is not necessary to use your own profile in the social wall using Instagram API access token, Antutu any public Instagram account can be used. Just feed in the right settings while setting up the wall.

Likes Timeline

This is a feed which can display a timeline of the likes received over a period of time. You can use your own account or you can display some very popular accounts. This all can be customized according to the needs.

Location Timeline

This feed can display content relevant to the location of a number of visitors of a certain place. All the content will be available filtered accordingly.


This huge load of users behind the social network of Instagram helps any type of business and huawei y7 prime 2018 antutu score increases the reachability among the audience. As mentioned above social walls can be used in different places and it provides efficient opportunities to all. Read about Instagram API tips and documentation, know your audience and ¡La serie Galaxy S10 recibió la actualización! where it can be used.

In this article Sara explained importance of Instagram. She wrote about why people are like to using Instagram live feeds in social wall rather than twitter and facebook feeds. If you want to read more about campaigns then read with us about Inspiring Examples of User Generated Content Marketing Campaigns. Also Read: Top 5 Instagram Photo Display Tool to Embed Instagram Feed on Website
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