Which is correct an apple or an apple

An apple is correct.

Is he's bit the apple a correct sentence?
He's bit the apple. This is a correct sentence (don't forget to start a sentence with a capitol letter).

Is it correct to say you bought a Apple computer?
no, you say 'you bought an apple computer'

What apple makes the best cider?
The best cider apple is Kingston black.It has the correct tannin levels.

Do you say an apple or an apple?
"An apple" is correct. use "an" before a word beginning with a vowel. Also before a word beginning with a silent "h," as in "an honor."

What is correct grammar apple on a dish or apple in a dish?
On Both are correct, according to context. When "dish" means the vessel holding the food, we use on if it is a flat dish, or in if it is a deep dish. When "dish" means the food itself, as in "Apple crumble is my favorite dish," we use in.

Is a apple tasty?
Yes, galaxy a50 specs quite tasty indeed. I would recommend the macintosh variety. I would also like to point out that "a apple" is not grammatically correct. "An apple" is what you should use. Enjoy your apple.

Is has eaten correct?
"Has eaten" is correct if you are using the present perfect tense. "Has" is used with the subjects "He", "She" and "It". For example: He has eaten the apple. She has eaten the apple. It has eaten the apple. This tense is used to talk about an experience in the past, to reference a change or new information and to talk about a continuing situation that began in the past and is continuing now.

When you smell a banana or an apple you lose weight?
No, this is a silly theory and is not correct.

How long is an apple seed?
Probably, about half a centimeter... if I'm correct

What is a senter of an apple?
The correct spelling is CENTER, not senter, and the CENTER is where the stem is

Why is an apple an apple?
An apple is called an apple because an apple is a fruit. The round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh. Its from the rose family that is correct , but why do we have names for Meizu 16S Pro antutu nicknames and names for a relative of a certain meaning? You and i wonder why...

How do you correct a recipe when you use apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider?
You probably don't. Apple cider vinegar tastes nothing like apple cider. Vinegar is sour, cider is generally sweet, although some refer to "cider" as a fermented apple juice.

Can apple iPads play Maplestory?
No, it doesn't have the correct programs to play maplestory.

What are apple shooter cheats?
There is none that I know of.... If I am correct, only Video games can have cheats.

Which is correct a dozen apple or a dozen apples?
A dozen apples. The word dozen means twelve - which is more than one - so you use the plural form of apple.

Does an apple has a taproot or fibrous root system?
fibrous root if this is not correct try google or wikipedia

What represents the correct pathway of the nutrients in an apple after you take a bite?
Digestive System-Circulatory System-Cell

What seeds do you need for Fernando on moshi monsters?
blue snap apple, any crazy daisy and pink snap apple (THIS IS NOT CORRECT!) dont know the correct seeds, but i can tell you these are not the ones! unless they need to be planted in a particular order. I planted a crazy daisy, then 2 snap apples. right colors but no fernando.

What is the correct spelling of pealing?
It depends on the context. The bells are pealing. (ringing) He is peeling an apple. (removing its outer skin)

How do you jail break a dsi?
You cant jailbreak a dsi its dont have the correct hardware apple and android are good for jailbreaking.

How do you spell johny apple seed?
The correct spelling of the name is Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman 1774-1845).

Which is correct usage of the article an solution or a solution?
A solution. Only use an before a vowel eg an apple, an idiot

Do peanut grow on apple trees?
what kind of idiot would ask this kind of question. yes peanuts grow on apple trees and use correct grammar please you doofus. peace out you idiotic egghead.

What grammar techniques is used to correct a comma splice error?
A comma splice occurs when two sentences are strung together, huawei mate rs specs as in: I went to the store, I bought an apple. Comma splices are corrected by adding punctuation at the end of the first sentence: I went to the store. I bought an apple. You could also use a semi-colon to correct a comma splice, depending on what the sentence is: I went to the store up the street; I wanted an apple, but they...

What is the past participle of verb good?
Good is not a verb - you cannot good something or someone eg - She good an apple - is not correct

What is the correct pronunciation of caramel?
CA-RA-MEL 3 vowels, 3 syllables. first "A" sounds like a in apple.

What age group uses the iPhone most?
13-19 would be the correct age group that apple iphone users are.

What is the correct phobia for the fear of apple cider?
Malusdomesticaphobia the fear of all apples, is suitable when regarding apples in any form.

Which company is the largest producer of computer software for personal computers?
It does vary. I do think it is Apple. Apple offers the software like iTunes, Garage Bang, Safari, Quicktime Player and others. I may be wrong but I think this is correct.

Is there any apple or is there any apples?
Are there any apples? If you want to be grammatically correct, it would be are there any apples? However, it could be is there any apple pie. You're making me hungry with all this talk about apples! :-) Apples is a plural noun so you should use a plural 'to be' verb. (are) Yes, if you were talking about pieces of apple on a plate you could ask "Is there any apple? (left).

What trees do peanut grow on?
peanut grow on apple trees you doof. and use correct grammar. do not believe other people i am a teacher.

Which is correct- two kilos of apples or two kilos of apple?
Two kilos of apples. Add the 's' because it is plural.

Correct apostrophe for The apples skin was rather tough?
This is a possessive - "The skin of the apple" so it goes "The apple's skin was rather tough" If there's more than one apple you'd say "The apples' skins were rather tough"

How old was Steve Jobs when he founded apple?
How old was Steve Jobs when he invented Apple? Apple was invented in 1976 by Steve Jobs the CEO of the company. He was 21 when he first invented the company Apple. He was born in 1955 and later in the year of 1976 Steve co-founded Apple. Steve is now 54 years old and his invention is one of the biggest electronic company in the United States. Apple had grown bigger over the years and...

Month old Ipod it have a minor scratch on the display It is really annoying because there is a rainbow effect on the screen.Would apple exchange it or remove the scratch by some way?
The correct place to ask this is discussions.apple.com or call up your closest Apple Store.

How can one get a battery replacement from the company Apple for an ipod?
The iPod has a built in rechargeable battery so one needs to make sure the correct battery is used as a replacement. Among the battery replacement options are Apple itself and repair shops.

Does apple sell switch easy rebel cases?
No, they don't carry it. So far, the only place I can find them is online. Correct me if wrong

How do you spell Mcintosh Apples?
That is the correct spelling of the proper noun "McIntosh" for the red-and-green apples. (The spelling Macintosh is used for the Apple computers.)

What is the latest MacBook Huawei p30 pro specs software update?
Since updates occur often, Answers com isn't the best place to put a 'correct' answer. Check the Apple site: support dot apple dot com slash downloads slash #portablecomputers

How do you make a Snap Apple tree blue in Moshi Monsters?
The color of the flower you get when planting seeds is random. You plant the seed, then hope for the correct color. If you do not get a blue Snap Apple the first time, dig up that plant and plant another Snap Apple seed. Keep digging up and planting that seed until you get a blue one.

Is it a utopia or an utopia?
It's "a utopia". Grammar rules for a/an are based on phonetics, not spelling: a eulogy, an apple, a yellow bird, an SAT score...are all correct.

Why can't iPhone receive pictures?
There's either a software issue or you don't have the correct data plan. Try calling Apple Care Support.

Mary bought five gallons of apple juice for her party She expects 20 guests How many cups of apple juice will each guest get?
80 cups is the correct answer. The guests will get 4 cups each. Source :- Eng Net Tools conversion software

How do you open your iPhone?
Hi I have an iPhone 4 and it is impossible for a normal person like me or you to open it up without the correct tools. I tried with my iPhone 3gs with sometools i bought from eBay and i Broke it . So if you Iphone is not working take it to an apple approved mender or to the apple store if your in warranty. By the way jailbreaking voids your warranty. I work...

Is the word busdriver an adjective?
Busdriver is usually a noun in English. You can check this by substituting it for other nouns in test sentences. This is a big red apple. He put the apple in his fridge. She cut the apple into slices. This is a big red busdriver. He put the busdriver in his fridge. She cut the busdriver into slices. (The busdriver sentences might not be very sensible, but they are clearly grammatically correct).

Which company had rights to the iPad name before Apple A Samsung B Hitachi C Fujitsu?
The correct answer is c - Fujitsu. Apple now owns the iPad trademark. The trademark was filed by Fujitsu in March 2003 for their iPad wireless handheld computing device used by retailers. Records at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office show that the trademark was assigned to Apple on March 17.

How do you get Burnie's secret code from moshi monsters?
You do not need a secret code for Burnie. You just need to be a member and to plant three seeds and grow the correct flowers. 078 *Burnie the Fiery Frazzledragon [Beastie] Red Snap Apple, Red Snap Apple, Blue Crazy Daisy

Why do we say a Christmas tree and not an Christmas tree?
Because it depends whether it is a vowel or a consonant. For example 'a apple' is wrong. 'an apple' is correct. 'a book' is correct. 'an book' is wrong. The word that begins with a vowel like orange, apple, elephant, then we will say an before it but with a consonant like book, computer, table we say a before it. Just like that xmas tree begins with a consonant, therefore we say 'a' before it...

Why a hotel why not an hotel?
The word 'an' is used before a word beginning with a vowel. For example, "an apple" is correct, whereas "a apple" is not. And since 'hotel' doesn't begin with a vowel, it's "a hotel." But there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, with words beginning with 'h' where the h is silent, as in "honor", it would be "an honor" and not "a honor".

Is it correct to say our school got automatic vehicle?
No. You should say an automatic vehicle. Usually we have a/the or an before a noun or adjective + noun eg a dog, a black dog. If the noun or adjective starts with a vowel (a e i o u ) then use an eg an apple, an unripe apple an automatic car

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