Where is the Nokia company or who is the founder of Nokia

Nokia was originally from Finland.

And founder of nokia is Stephen elop.

Who owns the company Nokia?
Fredrik Idestam is the founder of Nokia, but the owner of Nokia Phones IS the Nokia Company and its shareholders.

Who is the founder of Nokia?
Knut Idestam was the founder of Nokia (founded in 1865) :-)

Nokia belong to which country?
In which country nokia company belongs. In which country nokia company belongs.

Who founded Nokia?
Founder : Fredrik Idestam

Name of the person who invented nokia mobile phone?
1865, Nokia founder Frederick Idestam in Finland,

To which country NOKIA company belongs?
nokia company was established in finland

Mission and galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark vision of Nokia company?
The Nokia Company does not have a mission ir vision statement. This company is no more. Microsoft bought the Nokia Company. The sale was final on April 25, 2014.

What recommendations would be given to the Nokia company?
what recommendations would be given to nokia company

Is Nokia a multinational company?
It is a multinational company. Nokia is the largest multinational corporation in India.

Is Nokia Indian company or mnc?
Nokia is headquartered in Finland making it a Finnish company.

Strength and weakness of nokia company?
weakness nokia

What are the objectives of Nokia?
For the Nokia company: to make money

What company work with NOKIA?
One company that will work with Nokia phones is T-Mobile. There are many different plans that you will be able to choose from with the company.

What country does Nokia come from?
Nokia is a Company from Finland. Yes it is.

Does Nokia mean anything in Japanese?
It does not. Nokia is a Finnish company.

Why nokia is called nokia?
It is so because it was started as a finnish company built over the river nokia.

Where is the Nokia company located?
Nokia is headquartered in Keilaniemi, huawei honor 20 pro specs Espoo, Finland.

Who is the owner of Nokia company?
There is no specific owner of the Nokia company because it is spread over multiple shareholders across the world.

Who invent Nokia?
Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin invented or founded the company Nokia. This company was created in the country of Finland in 1865.

What is the first model of Nokia phone?
Nokia-10 is first model of company

Is the owner and founder of a corporation one plus 7 specs in the same?
No. A founder, found the company. (or started it.) This would never change. An owner, owns the company. A founder could be an owner if he started the company with his own money. If the founder started the company with someone elses money he is not the owner. If the company is sold to a new owner. The new owner would not become the founder. That is unless you sold it to the person that...

What is the largest company in Finland?
Nokia is the largest company in Finland.

What does the 'N' in 'Nokia' stand for?
It doesn't stand for anything special. Nokia is a city in Finland where the company was founded.

What is the address for the Nokia factory in Finland?
As of August 2014, there is no Nokia factory located in Finland. The Finland Nokia company shut down in 2012.

What is the Pestle analysis of Nokia company?
hoe woul one apply pest analysis for nokia

Who is the founder of the iPod?
The founder of the iPod is the company Apple

Who is the founder of the Itialian tech company Tiscali?
The founder of the Italian Tech Company Tiscali is Renato Soru

What company has sponsored the Sugar Bowl since 1995 to present?
Nokia. Yup thas rite Nokia it is.!!

How would you use the word founder in a sentence?
Here are some sentences. He is the founder of that club. The founder of the association is Mrs. Blake.

Is Nokia a direct investment?
yes if it is a captive company yes if it is a captive company

Is nokia mobile a Korean company?
yes dear it is a korean company :D

What company invented cellphones?
nokia Apple!

Which of the company is named after a river?
it is nokia river

Is there any mobile manufacturing company named nokai not nokia I saw a cell phone named NOKAI N73 claimed to be Nokia in ITALY. Is it China's pirated copy of Nokia or something else?
There was a company named Nokai and it's from China.

NOKIA company belongs to which country?
Nokia was established as a wood-pulp mill manufacturing paper in southern Finland.

Is skull candy compatible wuth nokia 5130?
The company Nokia should be able to give you a quick, honest answer

Who is the founder of Quarter Homme Bodywear and which country is the company from?
Homme is the founder of Quarter Homme Bodywear. The company is in the United States.

How does Nokia Mobile compare to Sprint?
Nokia mobile is affiliated with the AT&T company. Sprint is a company that uses different cellphone towers than those used by Nokia. They both have a lot of the same features but some may have better service in some areas.

Why Nokia 600 stopped?
Nokia has officially announced the cancellation of Symbian Belle based Nokia 600 handset. "We announced Nokia 600 few months ago, we have decided not to ship the Nokia 600," said the company in an official blog post on its website.

What is the most successful phone company?
In India, the most successful mobile company is 'NOKIA'.

Which is the world's best phone company?
Nokia is the world's leading and mobile phone company

The founder of teleperformance?
The founder of Teleperformance is Daniel Julien. It is a global company started in 1978. The company is a leader in customer relations management.

What is the nokia mission statement?
The mission of Nokia is "Connecting People". Nokia is the leader in the field of the network infrastructure that is location based. The company has also invested heavily on the advanced technologies.

What service providers sell the Nokia 2700?
Service providers that sell the Nokia 2700 include Sprint, T-Mobile and Nokia. You can get more information about this from the company websites online.

What are the recruitment and selection process of nokia?
Nokia selects people based on the skills that they have and how well they fit in with the company. Nokia has a generous benefits package along with flexible work scheduling.

Who is the home of Nokia?
Nokia is a Finnish company. Their headquarters are lacated in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city near Finland's capital Helsinki.

Nokia N96 cheap Prices?
it depends on what company you are with

Who is the ceo of nokia mobile company?
anssi vanzoki.

What do you like best about nokia company?
Battery backup

Which is the world famous mobile company?
HTC and Nokia

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