What was the first apple computer called

"The Apple Personal Computer Kit" or simply "the Apple"

After the Apple II came out it was referred to as the Apple I

When did Apple made their very first computer?
The first Apple computer, called Apple 1, was made in 1976.

Name of the 1st apple computer?
The first apple computer was called the Apple 1.

What was the apple computer called before it got the name?
It has always been called Apple. The very first computer they built was called the Apple 1.

What is the first apple computer to have a mouse?
By the "mouse" standards of today, the first Apple manufactured computer to have a mouse was/is called the "Apple Lisa."

What was the first apple computer built?
it was simply called the Apple 1.

How much was the first apple computer?
The first ever Apple computer was called the Apple I, sold in June of 1976. It was priced at $666.66, which is about the worth of $2,690 today.

What was the first apple computer?
the first apple computer was the APPLE I

What was the first device Steve Jobes invented?
The first thing that Steve Jobs invented was the first model of the apple computer, Called the Apple I.

Why did jobs name the computer apple?
The computer isn't named apple. The company is. The computer is called a Mac or a Macintosh. Also, it wasn't just Jobs who named the first Apple computer. It was Jobs and Wozzniak. They were both named Steve.

What name did the first apple computer have?
The first Apple computer was known as the Apple 1.

When was the first colour computer monitor invented?
1977. Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) created what they called the Apple II (2). It was the first coloured computer monitor/screen ever!

When was the first Apple computer launched?
The first Apple computer was launched in 1976.

When was the Apple I computer first released?
The first Apple 1 computer was first produced by the Apple company in the year 1976. The Apple 1 computer was mainly hand built by designer Steve Wozniak.

When was the very first apple laptop made?
The first Apple mobile computer was called "DynaMac" and Antutu Ranking was released in 1987. Unlike today's Apple laptops, the DynaMac weighed up to 24 pounds and was sold through a company called Dynamic.

What was the cost of the first personal computer?
It was around 4-5 thousand dollars for an original Apple Computer. The Apple II was released, and then they had another computer called the "Lisa." This computer costed about $10,000 and because of the price, it was not very popular.

What was the name of the first Apple computer?
The name of the first Apple computer was the Apple, retroactively named the Apple I. It was released in the July of 1976, for a price of $666.66.

What was apple's first computer?
Apple's first computer, released in 1976, was called the Apple Computer (See links below) and was basically a mother board to which you needed to add a keyboard and a screen (often a standard TV) and put the whole thing in a case of some kind. Apple's next computer was named the Apple II and so the original computer became known as the Apple I.

When did mac become apple?
Apple never was Mac and is still Apple Computer company. The original computer was called an Apple computer and the company became Apple. Later they made the Macintosh model computer

When did the apple computer come out?
The first Apple computer came out in 1976.

What year was the second apple computer made?
The second Apple computer, called Apple II, was made in 1977.

Who build the first apple computer?
The first Apple computer (Apple I) was built by Steve Wozniak, huawei honor 20 lite antutu score it was Steve Jobs idea - a friend of Steve Wozniak - to sell the computer. It was first demonstrated on April 1976.

What was the first home computer?
The first home computer was the Apple computer manufactured under Steve Jobs at Apple Computer, Inc. in 1977. The Apple computer used magnetic cassettes and floppy diskettes for data storage.

When was the apple computer introduced?
The first Apple computer was sold in July 1976.

What year was apple computer created in?
The first apple computer created in 1976.

When was the first apple mac computer created?
The first Apple Mac computer was made in January 24, 1984.

When and who created the first apple computer?
The first Apple computer was created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976.

What was the first thing created by apple?
The first Apple computer, known as the Apple 1, was the first thing created by Apple in 1976.

How did apple computer first get its name?
Quite simply, the company 'Apple' made computers, thus... Apple Computer.

What was the name of the first PC?
According to "The Handy History Answer Book" by Rebecca Nelson the first Personal Computer was called Apple I. The first electronic digital computer was the Mark I . And the first mechanical computing machine was called the "analytical engine" though it was never completed.

What was the cost of the first Apple computer?
The first Apple Computer called the Apple went on sale in July 1976 for a retail price of $666.66. Some say the price was chosen because of the repeating digits but in reality, the first 50 computers were originally sold to the Byte Shop for $500 who then added a one-third markup to the price.

What was the first apple?
The first computer made by Apple was the Apple I this was followed by the Apple II and then the Apple III. The first apple tree was grown in the Nile river valley.

Why is Apple called apple?
Actually Apple Computer Inc. Started with logo Of Isaac Newton under a tree and An Apple Falling on his head...........then The Company Started Selling First PC name "Apple"............so from there it got its Name..................

Is there a computer that has a brand of apple?
Yes, there is a computer that has a brand of Apple...for example, the apple company have made a computer called the Apple Mac, this is a great computer which I recommend for many people. Hope I Helped Xx ;) 3

When was first Apple computer sold?
The Apple I computer went on sale in July 1976.

Who prepared the design of modern computer?
The first ever GUI face computer was developed by Xerox however it was big and clunky. Steve Wozniack (Woz.org) invented the first personal computer and was partners with Steve Jobs and opened up a company called Apple. Yes, Samsung Galaxy a50 antutu Apple and MacIntosh. Steve Wozniack still answers emails and you can read his stories when Apple started at his website under either Woz.org or IWoz.org. Bill Gates then also used the Windows GUI interface you see today...

What was the name of the third apple computer?
It was called the Apple 3.

What was the name of the man that invented the first apple computer?
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the first Apple computer.

Is apple the computer brand?
Apple is a company that makes a brand of computer called Macintosh which are often referred to as Macs or Apple Macs.

What year was the first Apple computer invented?
Wozniak and Jobs sold their first computers in 1976. the first apple computer (the Apple I) was introduced on April 1, 1976 and its latest computer, the Macbook Air was introduced in 2008. The Apple Computer was founded in Los Altos, California on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak. They sold the Apple I personal computer kit at $666.66. They were built by hand in Jobs' parents' garage, huawei p smart plus 2019 antutu score and the Apple I was...

What was apple's first invention?
The Apple I, a personal computer was the first invention of apple.

What was the first apple device built?
The Apple I computer was Apple's first device

What month was the first Apple Computer released?
The Apple I (the company's first computer model) was first displayed at the Homebrew Computer Club in July, 1976, and was available for sale in the same month.

What came out first Apple or Microsoft?
Microsoft was started in 1975 and Apple in 1976. They worked together on a BASIC programming language called AppleSoft BASIC - the name being a combination of Apple and Microsoft for the Apple computer. Microsoft also produced a Z80 processor card as an add-on for the Apple II computer. Apple developed the Mac OS for their Macintosh computer, which first appeared in 1984, and licensed part of the Mac OS to Microsoft to use in...

Did Steve wozniak create the apple computer?
Yes, he built the very first Apple computer.

Apple company made the first personal computer or not?
Apple did not make the first personal computer. A company called Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) produced a kit in 1975 that you could assemble into the Altair 8800 microcomputer which is considered to be the first personal computer. The sales of this computer were higher than expected which indicated that there was a demand for personal computers. This inspired Apple and many others to start developing and selling their own brand of personal...

Which was the first computer company to use the mouse?
Apple. Actually it was Xerox on their Alto computer, Apple copied them on their Lisa computer.

Who is the builder of apple computer?
The original computer that the first Apple computer was eventually created from was designed and built by Steve Wosniak.

What was the original model of the apple computer?
It was simply called the Apple 1.

Which Steve invented the first Apple computer?
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were founders of the Apple company. Wozniak did most of the design work to create the first Apple computer.

Was apple computer before mac?
Yes. The first Apple computer was the Apple 1 produced in 1976. The Macintosh came out in 1984.

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