What the cost of Nokia 6850 Nokia data cable

Eforcity Nokia Ca-53 Compatible USB Data Cable for Nokia for 6850 can be purchased through amazon for $2.32.
Delete the games of Nokia 1208?
We can delete Nokia 1208 Games by using data cable

How do you connect internet by PC to Nokia X2 01 phone?
by USB data cable. And with nokia pc suit.

How do you connect nokia 2600c to PC suite?
with bluetooth dongle OR using usb data cable

Does nokia 2626 model supports data cable?
Yes, Nokia 2626 model supports the CA-45 cable. But original Nokia software (Nokia Suite) would not work that way. You'll need last version of MobiMB Mobile Browser (from Logomanager.co.uk) You can also try mobileEDIT (beginin from 3.x versions)

How do you get songs on your phone from your laptop?
Get the data cable. Download and installed the phone's software. If nokia it's called PC Suite. Connect the cable follow the instruciton on file transfer

How do you use the data storage feature on nokia 5130?
1st go 2 setins aftr dt connectivity nd aftr dt use data cable select option data storage

Does nokia 2330 have a USB data cable?
It doesnt come with one, and I am having a hard time finding a place where you can buy one.

What is faster data transfer bluetooth or usb cable nokia 6680?
usb will aways be faster because its 12mbs but bluetooth is limited to around 700kbs

How do you transfer Nokia contacts to blackberry?
first u must have data cable for both device, nokia PC suite, bb desktop manager and outlook. 1. use PC suite transfer contact from nokia to outlook 2. use bb desktop manager transfer contact from outlook to bb

How do you Connect Nokia 2626 datacable through PC?
Take a data cable and insert it in mobile phone and the insert the second end in the usb port. you will get connected to your both PC and mobile phone.

Cable that has the highest cable cost?
This is bit of a weird question! I just went off loooking at a data and communications products website who do cable management supplies. The highest product there is £1.80 a cable, but i didnt really look far.

How do you have a packet data for my nokia 3120 classic?
how to activate packet data

How do you disable packet data on nokia e5?
On Nokia E5, go into options and click on data storage. In this menu the form of storage is shown as packet data. Remove the check from the box next to packet data. Reboot the phone.

Do you get charged for using the Email or instant messaging on the Nokia E71x if you dont have the data plan?
Yes it does cost extra, because those two things both use the internet, and if you don't have the data plan, then you don't have the unlimited internet.

What is packet data?
packet data is mostly used by Nokia Cell company ;)

What is a data cable?
A data cable is is any media that allows baseband transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. Mainly it is a cable that receives data. Hope that helped! :)

How to flash the nokia n72?
You can't flash it unless you have the required equipment (nokia phone flasher), which specially distributed by vendor (nokia). To purchase this, you need about 15,000 r.s, but if you have any android phones or windows phones or ios phones, you can format/flash these types of phones without any extra equipment. To format these types of phones you need only a data cable which connected pc to handset, and specially supported formatted file data (namely...

Do you need a data plan for the nokia twist?
no you do not.

How do you change the IMEI number on a nokia n81 mobile phone?
The only way is to use a box like BB5king and huawei honor 20 specs a data cable. Therefore you will need to find a store that unlocks or by the box which is a bit $$$ More details will be published at

How does nokia2626 mobile work via data cable for internet?
Hye its so easy just instal nokia pcsuite or ovi suites.. And after instaling click on internet. And Change or create settings for ur network.... Then ejoy it

Nokia 6070 packet data connection error?
how to deal with packet data errors

How many pins does a floppy data cable have and What does a twist in the cable mean?
Floppy data cable has 34 and the IDE has 40

How is the best way to determine if a cable inside a computer is a data cale or a power cable?
The best way to tell if a computer cable is a data cable or a power cable is to trace where it goes. If it comes out of the power supply, it is a power cable. If it goes between the motherboard or a peripheral card and a peripheral, then it is a data cable.

What kinds of data cables are connected to a motherboard?
ide data cable or sata cable

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a serial port?
the speed of serial ports are slow. but we can send data on long distances as serial cable have low cost.

What differ 40ribbon cable of 80 ribbon cable?
Data path is more in 80 ribbon cable.. The data transaction is faster than 40 ribbon cable..

What are two basic types of cable found inside a computer?
a Power cable for electricity to a device, Samsung Galaxy A20e specs Revealed and a Data cable for transferring data to and from a device.

What is A technology that uses cable TV lines for data transmission?
cable modem - A technology that uses cable TV lines for data transmission

How does you connect PC to mobile for internet?
i want to connect internet to my computer throw my mobile nokia 6070 so please suggest me how because i connect data cable to my mobile and connect to my PC but error message is coming please help me

Mention obe use of data cable?
One use of data cable is to relay baseband transmissions.

Mention two uses of data cable?
Data cable can be used in transferring data from one device to another or for interconnecting two or more devicesData cable can be used in transferring data from one device to another or for interconnecting two or more devices

What are the competitors to the Nokia 6303?
Competitors to the Nokia 6303 are previous Nokia models such as Nokia Asha 303 and the Nokia C5 as well as other brands of mobile phones. The Nokia 6303i Classic has more standby time, a little more talktime and newer Bluetooth support meaning faster data transfer when compared to the Nokia 6303 Classic.

Can we charge nokia n73 with data cable?
No you should rather stick it in a radio active microwave and then it should work proberly , or use a camera and stick it into a bath if you see the electric flow , stick the phone in the water and leave it intil you realize this is a prank.

Which type of punch down block is used to terminate a data networking cable?
110-block is for data networking cable. The 66-block is for Meizu 16S Pro antutu telephone cable.

Why does my nokia c5 say not enough memory?
web: not enough memory to perform operation. delete some data first of nokia c5

The name for galaxy a30 specs the LCD monitar cable?
Its called Data cable. and another cable is called Power cable.

How to transfer image from nokia e63 to PC?
If your computer has Bluetooth, you could use your phone to send your images via Bluetooth to the PC. If your computer doesn't have it, then you could buy a USB Data cable that will fit on your cable socket or you could use a USB that has a slot at the back of it where you could put your memory card in. I hope all goes well for you.

What is data cable of cellphone?
data cable is used to transfer data between ur system and ur another device/ mobile/ printer / scanner /etc

What is a digital device that sends and receives digital data over the cable television network?
A cable converter box sends and receives data over cable from a satellite dish. Data that is received is transposes into a single channel.

How do you subscribe your packet data for nokia 3110c?
Finish what Hitler started

Can you transfer data from Nokia c2 phone memory to sim card?
Yes, you can transfer data from a Nokia c2 to a sim card by simply inserting the sim card into the phone, and following the on-screen instructions until the sync is complete.

Does the Nokia surge need internet?
Yes, and as of recently AT&T has attached a mandatory $30 data package fee, just like the iphone. But it is unlimited data, so take advantage of that. soooo if you plan on going with the nokia surge, expect to see at $30 Unlimited Data charge on your bill.

How do you hack an lg shine?
I took mine to a specialist. This phone can only be unlocked using a data cable and specialist software. Don't mess about with it, it only cost £10.

What is the difference between data bus and normal cable?
Data bus moves data inside your computer. Normal cable moves data external. Data buses are parallel and most network media is serial. Some media is also analog where as the data bus passes data digitally. There are many differences but to be more specific would depend on which 'normal cable' you are referring too.

In a system that uses a CD drive were the audio wire connects?
There is a data cable,and a power cable that connect the drive to your PC. Everything is done with the data cable, there is no audio or video wires.

Revover data from Nokia 3500 Classic?

How do you format nokia 5130 confugreation setting?
You have to restore all settings and data

How recover nokia 2690 internal memory?
Dear Sir I wrongly Restore all my Nokia 2690. Now i recover my Mobila Phone internal Data

How do you activate packet data on your Nokia C101?
go to settings ,tap connectivity tap packet data change it to always online

What are the differences between a power cable a signal cable and a data cable?
Functional differences A power cable carries power from some source of power to some device that uses that power. A data cable carries information ("content") from one device to another device. Physical differences Often there is no physical difference between a power cable and a data cable. The same cable can be used to carry data at one time, and power at some other time. In fact, several kinds of cables carry data and power...

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