What kind of apple that is not in apple tree

the apple that is not on an apple tree is the yellow apple.

A yellow apple is a real apple, so it grows on an apple tree. A "road apple" is not a real apple. A "road apple" is horse dung.

What kind of a tree does an apple grow on?
an apple tree

What kind of leaves come off a crab apple tree?
Crab apple tree leaves.

What kind of large tree has a bell shaped bloom?
The water apple tree.

What kind of plant produces food?
an apple tree

What is Galas?
gala is a kind of a sport and is like a apple tree

If you graft a orange branch into an apple tree what kind of fruit do you get?
graft will die.

What kind of tree does misletoe grow on?
It grows on many trees but mainly apple.

What kind of plants do tent caterpillars eat?
Maple leaves, apples, apple tree leaves, peaches, and peach tree leaves.

Why does an apple tree grow an apple?
because it is an apple tree

How is an apple falling from a tree like a potential difference in a battery?
i don't know what kind of question is that

Did johnny apple seed say a inportent quote?

What is the Spiritual meaning of an apple tree?
The spiritual meaning of an apple tree is that the apple tree gives visitors wisdom. Visiting an apple tree should give you insight.

What tree does an apple come from?
A apple tree

What is the lenght and width of the apple tree?
Depends on the kind of tree. We have a few that are 20 cm width but also a huge one that is 40 cm width.

Is an apple a flower?
No. An apple is the result of a fertilized apple tree flower. It is the seedcase of an apple tree. The fruit.

How is an apple important to an apple tree?
The apple is the seed pod of the apple tree, so it carries the seed.

Is apple tree monocotyledon?
No - an apple tree is a dicot.

What type of tree is an apple?
An apple is a fruit tree.

I see an apple in the tree or huawei y7 prime 2018 antutu score I see an apple on the tree?
On. Growing on the tree. The apples on the tree are almost ripe. I see one plus 7 antutu score bright red apple on the tree. The apples on the tree are getting pecked by birds.

Where is the Gala Apple Tree native to?
I'm not sure the Gala Apple tree is native anywhere. It's hybridized just like all the rest. If you planted the seed, you wouldn't get a red, juicy apple like we see in the grocery store. You'd get a little thing kind of like a crabapple.

What will happen if a apple tree has no flowers in a year?
your apple tree will die Answer The apple tree will not neccessarily die but it will not produce fruit that year.

Where is the pistil on the apple tree?
inside the flower of the apple tree

Does an apple grow on a tree?
Yes, an apple grows on a tree.

What is the scientific name for huawei p smart z antutu benchmark a white apple tree?
The Scientific name for a white apple tree would be an orchid's crab apple tree. I know that it says crab apple tree but it's not a crab apple, the white apple actually has seeds the shape of crab eyes so, the apple was name after a crustacean.

Do you have to plant an apple tree next to another apple tree?
No, apple trees do not need a companion tree. An apple tree will flourish all by itself. Most varieties of apple require a pollinator in the vicinity. Only a small number are self fertile.

What kind of tree has pink blossoms but isn't a cherry blossom tree?
There are a few. Malus, huawei mate 20 rs porche desing antutu score The Crap Apple some of them are pink. Almonds and huawei y7 prime 2018 antutu score plums also can have pink flowers.

Does an apple's seed plant as a apple tree?
no.we can get a apple tree by planting a apple tree stem in the ground.now don't ask how is it originated.

If there is 3 oranges on the ground under an apple tree how many oranges came from the apple tree?
Oranges don't come from an apple tree.

Who invented the first Apple Tree?
the first apple tree seed

What is an apple tree unlike?
An apple tree is unlike a Jumbo jet.

How long does it take for an apple tree to grow an apple?
It took the apple tree in my backyard about 10 years.

How old is the apple tree?
the apple tree is 5000 years old...... in dog years........ the apple tree is 5000 years old...... in dog years........

Can you make a sentence using apple tree?
Yes, of course. Here's a few: I picked an apple from an apple tree. I get my apples from the orchard nearby, there's lots of apple trees there. That farmer is picking apples from that apple tree.

What is the Meaning of apple tree in Genesis?
It is not clearly mentioned that the tree in the centre of the garden of Eden was a apple tree.

How do you make apple in doodle god?
well i think tree or some kind of plant and i dont know the other one plus 6 antutu score

What would happen if an apple tree had no flowers?
If an apple tree has no flowers, the tree will not produce any fruit and there would be no apples from that tree.

How might an apple fall from the tree?
If you are sitting under an apple tree then a apple might as well fall on you dumbo

What eats a apple tree?
certainly, eat the apple of apple tree. but you ask like this whether have another means?

What is the French word for apple tree?
an apple: une pomme (fem.) an apple tree: un pommier (masc.)

Is an apple an apple?
Though there are many varieties, an apple from a tree will always be an apple.However, an Apple computer can never be an apple from a tree. And while you can cut and divide up an apple (from a tree) and have it still be an apple (in pieces), you can never cut and divide up an Apple computer and have it still look like or work like an Apple computer.

How does an apple tree look like?
Do you mean: What does an apple tree look like?

How do you make an apple in Doodle God?
Tree + flower= apple. Flower + tree

How much does an apple tree weigh?
That depends on the size of said apple tree.

Where does a apple tree live?
a apple tree lives in mostly the rain forest

Does an apple tree have leaves in the winter?
My grandparents have an apple tree and no they do not have leaves in the winter.

Is the word apple tree a proper noun?
No, huawei mate 20 pro antutu score the noun 'apple tree' is a common noun, a general word for a type of fruit tree; a word for any apple tree anywhere. A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example, the Apple Tree Inn & Restaurant in Lenox, MA or Apple Tree Street in San Antonio, TX.

Can an apple tree make oranges?
I don't think so, unless you crossbreed an apple tree and an orange tree.

Where Apple is originally from?
From an apple tree.

Where does an apple get harvest?
from an apple tree

What kind of tree was Adam and Eve told not to pick from?
Nobody knows. Not even the Bible tells us what kind! But I think it was a apple tree.Or orange,or..........yeah, nobody knows.

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