What kind of apple grow in Jamaica

Otaheite Apple, Star Apple and Custard Apple.

What kind of plants grow in Jamaica?
Here are some of the trees on Jamaica: See link

What kind of a tree does an apple grow on?
an apple tree

What kind of trees grow in Jamaica?
There are many different type of trees that grow in Jamaica .example fruit trees and trees that are use to make lumbers.

Do peanut grow on apple trees?
what kind of idiot would ask this kind of question. yes peanuts grow on apple trees and use correct grammar please you doofus. peace out you idiotic egghead.

What plants grow in jamaica?
Many different types of plants grow in Jamaica, including mango, breadfruit, ferns, plantains, and banana. Some others are Jamaican star apple, guava, coconut, pumpkin, orchids, wild petunias, and scarlet sage. There are about 200 species of flowering plants and 60 species of orchids that are native to Jamaica.

What kind of tree does misletoe grow on?
It grows on many trees but mainly apple.

What food do they grow in Jamaica?
Jamaica is known for planting products such as coconuts, yam, banana, water melons, oranges, otaheite apple, ackee, breadfruit, cocoa, guinep, jackfruit, Jew (June) plum, mammy also called mammy apple, naseberry, passion fruit, starapple, sweetsop, and one plus 7 pro antutu score these are just a few.

What kind of crops grow in Jamaica?
It is important to know the agriculture of other countries. Jamaica grows many crops, some of which are yams, potatoes, plantains, corn, rice, watermelon and onions.

What can grow into an apple?
An apple seed can grow into an apple tree, which can grow apples

Can you grow an apple?
Yes you can grow an apple but first you need to grow an apple tree.

Where does apple seeds grow?
apple seeds grow inside an apple. to grow an apple, you need to but apple seeds in fertile soil and give it water and sun. eventually it will grow and you will have many apples.

Can you grow a apple tree in southeast Louisiana if so what kind?
yes you can....but it needs alot of tlc in northeast they grow but they have alot of spots and problems ....humidity pears grow easily

What food did the English bring to Jamaica?
apple,banana,breadfruit and apple pie

Does Jamaica have banana's?
Yes Jamaica is common for banana's. Banana's in fact grow on trees in Jamaica.

Do apple pips grow?
no an apple pip does not grow the apple pip grows into an apple but the pip still stays inside the apple Yes, an apple pip is a seed and the flesh of the apple is just a protective covering. If you plant the pips from an apple and water them some of them should grow.

Where do apple trees grow?
Apple trees grow in temperate climates.

Do apple grow on pam trees?
Apples grow on apple trees.

What kind of people does Jamaica have?
Jamaica has Jamaican people

What kind of monkeys are in Jamaica?
There are no monkeys native to Jamaica

Where do apples grow from?
Apples grow on apple trees which are planted with apple seeds.

Does marijuana grow in Jamaica?
Yes, marijuana grows in Jamaica. It's hardy nature and huawei nova 3i antutu rating honor 20 pro antutu benchmark ability to grow in a variety of climates and environments is why it is know as "weed".

What kind of dwarf fruit trees are recommended 4 North Central Florida to grow in containers?
Apple, grapefruit, orange, and stonefruit.

Why do apples grow on apple trees?
God made apples grow on apple trees.

Can Adams apple grow?
The "Adam's apple" or larynx does grow and it does it mostly during puberty.

Why does an apple tree grow an apple?
because it is an apple tree

What do radish seeds grow?
Radish seeds grow radishes, just like apple seeds grow apple trees.

Can people grow apples from an original apple?
Yes, you can grow apple trees from the seeds in an apple. See related link below.

What happens if you plant the seed of apple?
an apple plant will grow into an apple tree. but it's most likely to grow a different type of apple than the type you planted :)

What kind of food does Jamaica eat?
Jamaica eats Jamaican food

What kind of money is used in Jamaica?
The Jamaican dollar is used in Jamaica.

What does Jamaica gets from other country?
i'm not really sure but i no jamaica imports flour fruits such as American apple and lots more.

Do apples grow on apple trees?
Yes, apples do grow on apple trees. From what I've heard, that's the only place they grow.

Can apple trees grow in Canada's forests?
Apple trees do not grow well in ANY forest. They need sunlight to grow well.

What is the formula for apple?
grow an apple tree.

Where does the apple tree grow?
Apple trees grow in cooler climates. In India apple trees are grown in Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

Why is the larynx called Adam's apple?
Larynx is also called Adam's apple, because it mostly resembles like a the Adam's apple which is mentioned in Bible , a round-kind structure, which Adam ate. This Adam's apple appear in both girls and boys but in boys they grow more at the time of puberty.... thank you

Grow apple fruit trees in Philippines?
Some people actually grow a Philippine Apple Tree!

What kind of natural resources are in Jamaica Jamaica?
coal lumber gold and HUMANS !

Do you have to plant all the seeds from apple or do you plant them sepretely?
Well, that depends. If you want lots of apple trees and aren't picky, plant them all. If you want a certain kind of apple tree, say a Washington or Golden Delicious, you could not grow it from seed. To get a specific type of apple tree you have to grow a grafted tree. Grafting is the process of fusing a branch or clone of the known and desired apple to sturdy root stock. This is...

What kind of plants grow from seeds?
Coconut trees, Tomato Plant, Apple Trees, Banana Tree etc. Those plants which bear fruit.

Does an apple grow on a vine?
No, an apple grows on a tree.

About apple seeds?
What about apple seeds? If you plant them they will grow.

How big does a apple tree grow?
a apple seed

Is an apple tree a living thing if so can it grow oranges?
Only orange trees can grow oranges. Apple trees can only grow apples.

What Caribbean fruit is red and pear shaped?
Probably the Otaheite Apple, known also as Pomerac or Malay Apple. Big in Jamaica.

How are dandelion seeds different from apple seeds?
Dandelion seeds grow dandelions and apple seeds grow apples.

How do you plant an apple seed so you can grow a tree?
you cant plant an apple seed an expect it to grow it doesn't grow at all its impossible for one plus 7 pro galaxy a10 antutu score score it to grow i know this because i tried it before

What are some crops grow in Jamaica?
Marajuana and Cocoain

Where did Usain Bolt grow up?
Trelawny in Jamaica

Which parishes in Jamaica does sugarcane grow?
St. Catherine

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