What is the sign for apple

The general symbol for Apple computers is an apple with a big bite out of it. It is currently a white apple, but it used to be a rainbow-striped apple.

Why does apple use the sign of an apple?
Beacause apple is the name of the company ! x

Why can't You sign up for huawei y9 2018 antutu benchmarking an apple id?
You can't sign up for an Apple id necessarily, but you can make one from your own email address. You can do so at appleid.apple.com

Why is a bite on sign of apple company's apple?
Because its there logo... Prehaps they wanted a bite!

Where is the forbidden fruit in super paper Mario?
golden apple = NOWHERE black apple =black apple sign cloud + flip

How do sign up for instragram?
Download the app on your Apple device and then tap the "Sign Up" button.

Who thought of putting an apple sign on an IPod?
The company that manufactures the brand is named apple. Its a marketing logo.

Why does my 32gb iPod touch flash the apple sign over and over and that's it?
bring it in to an apple store

What is the most recognized logo in the world?
the apple sign

How do you connect to iCloud?
register with apple and then sign on to icloud

How do you do the apple sign on computers?
 option-shift-k

How do you sign up an account Apple iPhone?
You go into your iTunes if not install then install. Follow the instructions. And when you are finished, you can sign your iPhone into th your apple itunes account. You can use this for applications songs & videos.

What is Apple Records' email address?
Apple Records does not advertize an email address. You can sign up for their newsletter below.

How do you turn the volume up on the Apple TV?
Take your little remote and press the + sign. I have an Apple TV. My dad is Market Director of greater New York for Apple

What is Apple Education and what does it require?
"Apple education is a program from the company Apple. It allows consumers to learn about devices such as IPADS, Ipods, computers, etc. To sign up, look for classes at you local Apple store."

How do you create a apple account?
To create an Apple account open the iTunes software. Open the iTunes Store page from the left hand section. Click on the Sign In link in the top right corner. Click the Create Account button and enter your details as requested. There is a similar process if shopping at the Apple Online Store. The same Apple account can be used whenever Apple requires you to sign in.

How old do you have to be to sign up for a App Store account?
To sign up for an Apple ID you must be at least 13. If you are not 13 yo must ask your parents for authorization. Or you could get an adult to create a Apple ID for you.

How do you make an apple on Mac?
To make an apple sign on a mac computer, you must press shift, alt, and K at the same time!

How can you remove credit in an apple ID?
According to Apple, huawei mate 20 pro antutu score honor 20i Samsung Galaxy A20e Antutu Score Revealed score once you estabish an account, IT CANNOT BE CANCELLED. Funny, galaxy a60 antutu score m30 antutu benchmark they don't tell you that when you sign up.

Why is Aphrodite's sign a swan?
It's not. Her signs are a dove , an apple and a myrtle wreath

How do you make the apple sign in normal keyboard?
hold option+shift+k=

Where to sign in on iPad for first time?
The iPad will ask you for your Apple ID and password automatically. If you skipped that step, you can set your apple ID in the Settings menu.

How do you make a new apple account?
An easy way to do it is through Apple in iTunes. Once you landed in the Store page check the right top corner there is a 'Sign In' link. Click on in and in the pop-up (on the left bottom corner) there is a link to 'Sign Up'

8 months agoHow do you change accounts on your iPod Touch?
If by accounts you mean appstore and itunes account... >At the bottom of the 'itunes store' application is a TAB with the following info: Apple ID: (your ID here) £xx.xx Credit >Touch that TAB and you should get a pop- up box with 3 options underneath your Apple ID. >Choose the second option> Sign Out. >Now the TAB will say Sign in. > touch the tab again > another pop- out box appears with the...

How do you remove an apple id on an iPad?
You can sign out of your Apple ID, but you can't delete it without erasing all the content. To do this, you can erase it from the settings, or restore the factory settings from iTunes.

How do you sign out of itunes on your iPod touch?
Open App Store. Go to Featured. Scroll down to the bottom. Tap the Apple ID button. Then tap Sign Out

Is game center free?
Yes you only need an apple account which you can sign up for free

How do i restart my mac?
go to the apple sign on the top right and press restart and you do not deserve a computer

How do you switch your apple id?
you click on the account name in settings and it will say sign out and huawei p30 antutu score press yes

What are some nouns that are red?
A stop sign, a red delicious apple, blood, ketchup, tomatoes

How do you open a flash drive on an apple computer?
When ever you insert in your flash drive in an apple computer, there should be a sign of a white flash drive on your desktop. Hope that answers your question.

How do you create an apple ID on an ipod?
Tap app store. Then go to featured. Go to the bottom of the page. You will see sign in tap it. And it will say sign in or create account.

What movies are advertised on Apple Trailers?
Any movie that is on the App Store (iTunes) will be advertised on Apple Trailers. This is because Apple will sign contracts with various producers giving them exclusive rights to show their movie trailer. This generates a lot of publicity as Apple is one of the most known companies in the world.

How do you fix an iPhone if the apple sign is there forever?
I have seen it before, and I couldn't fix it myself, no matter how hard I tried. So apple fixed for me. Trust me. It's the easiest way to Go.

What is the meaning of apple polisher does it have a rude or a dirty meaning?
The definition of apple polisher is someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect. The only rude meaning it has is that a person called you someone with low selfesteem

Were to download free songs without sign up?
limelight but you have to install it in your computer and if you want things from it on your Apple iPod don't it will couse a virus! it happened to my sister but she got a newone free from apple!

You purchased an Apple computer your iTunes account is on a HP How do you get the account transferred you downloaded iTunes on the Mac?
Just sign into your iTunes store, or app store on your Mac with the same Apple ID you have on your HP.

What is the email address for apple?
"Apple" usually refers to Apple Inc. The company that make the iPhone and iPad. Apple Inc. is a very large international company. It has many points of contact (See links below) and huawei p30 antutu score each section/department has it's own email address as do the staff who work in that department. "Apple" may also refer to the Apple Records, the UK company related to the Beatles. Sign up for the Apple Records Newsletter below.

How do you change your profile on Game Center on iPod Touch?
Go to the GameCenter app, go to the "Me" tab, click on "Account: (your email address)" and sign out. Then sign back in using your Apple ID.

How do you sign on to someone else's iPad?
If they locked their iPad with a Passcode, you cannot open it without the code. If you want to sign into your App Store account, click the app store, the Featured tab, and at the bottom, click on the Apple ID. You can sign out there, and then sign in with your ID. You won't see your apps or songs.

spaceWhy has the Apple computer a 'the taken a bite apple' sign?
The apple logo was first started with the enigma code. The man who invented the first computer to crack the code, was kicked out because he was a homosexual, he got so depressed that he injected an apple with potassium cyanide and took a bite out of it. now people show their respect for him and apple inc has used that story for their symbol.

What symbols that are used to represent a teacher?
The symbols are a apple,books,ruler,an a pluse sign, homework and prices of paper

What does the white plus sign mean in apple apps?
it means that the app is suitable for iphone/ipod touch and ipad.

How do you fix an iPod that shows the apple sign turns white and the turns off?
that means that u need to charge it

How do you sell an apple computer?
You could take a few pictures of the computer and sign up of ebay then post it on ebay.

Why can you not login to Iwon?
Check your username and password. Most passwords are case sensitive, so a word like Apple is not the same as apple. If you still cannot sign in, request your login information directly from the website.

How do I sign in to my itune account?
Simply launch iTunes, click 'Store' on the top menu bar, click 'Sign In...'. It should be the third option from the bottom. Enter your Apple ID or iTS account information.

Which is juicer an orange or an apple?
This kind of commercial orange juicer is for orange or apple. A China supplier named Twothousand Machinery sales good quality of commercial juicer. Just sign in and check from source link.

Why is your camera not working on your iPod touch?
Hold down the home button and the off button until the apple sign appears

How do you make the at sign on the apple mac?
shift-->2 Press the shift button and 2 buttons simultaneously as well. Gives you @

How do you delete a photo album off an apple device?
you have to hit the edit button on the screen. then hit the red mineis sign

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