What is the name of the 3rd computer that apple built

The third computer that Apple built was either the Apple II Pus or, if you group all the Apple II variations together as a single model, the Apple III.

The sequence up to the Apple III was:

▪ Apple I

▪ Apple II

▪ Apple II Plus

▪ Apple IIe

▪ Apple IIc

▪ Apple IIGS

▪ Apple IIc Plus

▪ Apple III

When was the third apple computer maded?
The 3rd Apple computer was the Apple III which came out September 1, 1980.

When was apple started?
Apple was founded on the 1st of April 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. It was incorporated on the 3rd of January 1977 as Apple Computer Inc..

How can I tell what the current device drivers in my Apple computer?
Apple updates any device drivers at every OS update or Upgrade as needed. Apple writes their own software for their hardware. If you have a MacPro for instance and installed a 3rd party video card for example then you would have to go to that company's site to keep your card updated.

Does apple have the highest resolution displays?
As you have posted this question in several categories, there are different answers. Of the tablets and laptops on the market today, huawei honor 10 specs both the new iPad (3rd generation) and Retina Display Macbook Pro have the highest resolution of any tablet or laptop computer. In telephones, several Android-based phones have a higher resolution (but, also a larger screen) than the current iphone 11 pro max. In Computer monitors, there are several monitors that match the Apple Cinema display for...

What are the types of computer programs that can harm your computer?
Mostly 3rd party application (Programs that are not made by BIG companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Dell etc... but those that are made by people at home) these are usually KeyGens, Emulators, fake programs (like a fake Microsoft Office, Adobe etc...)

Can apple computers remove viruses from infected potable hard drives?
Apple Computer does not sell or make Anti Virus software. You would have to buy and a Mac compatible Anti-Virus software from a 3rd party and install it on the Mac. You would also have to read the manual to see if the Mac compatible Anti-Virus looks for a Windows version of the Virus.

Does an apple have a line of symmetry inside of the apple?
yes it do because i am in the 3rd gade and i have done this before

How do you extract a game on a mac apple computer?
If you have a compressed file and huawei honor 10 Specs it won't open you may have to download a compatible Un-compressor. Apple no longer adds some 3rd party software to newer computers so it's up to you to download one. There are quite a few free ones that work, "Stuffit Expander" (from Smith Micro) and "The Unarchiver" are a couple that work well.

How do you jailbreak a third generation Ipod touch?
Currently, a 3rd generation iPod Touch cannot be jailbroken. The 3rd generation iPod Touch has a built-in firewall of sorts, and prevents jailbreaking. This was a measure taken by Apple to ensure that no one can jailbreak the iPod Touch. However, there is a jailbreak software currently being beta-tested for the 3rd generation iPod Touch.

Is iPhone model A1203 original from apple is it 3rd generation 8gb Apple iPhone?
2nd generation

How many apples did he start if he sell to his first buyer half of his apple plus an apple then he sold half of what was left plus an apple and he sold half of what had left plus an apple to 3rd buyer?
Lets go from reverse.. the 3rd person bought half of the remaining apple and half an apple.. So possibly the number of apple he bought is one. the second person bought twice the third person so he bought two. Similarly the first person bought four apples. Therefore, there were totally four apple in the basket...

When was portchester castle built?
Portchester was built in the 3rd Century by the Romans.

What is the difference between the ipod touch 2nd generation and the ipod touch 3rd generation?
apple i pod touch 3ed genteration is faster and has a built in mic not much but the ipod touch 3g has a built in microphone .... also the cases for the ipod touch 2nd generation fits the ipod touch 3rd generation .. xx That's not completely correct, only the 64gb 3g ipod has a microphone. besides that, the 3g has a faster processor and other improvements like better speakers.

Where can you get an iPad?
Apple Store on April 3rd

How did Steve Jobs discover apple?
Steve Jobs founded Apple,Inc. with Steve Wozniak on January 3rd, 1977. They were friends in high school and started Apple in Steve Job's garage.

When Taj Mahal was built?
It was built in 1632 by shah jahan for his 3rd and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs a40s specs final wife.

When was the Qin clay army built?
They were built in the 3rd century BC around 210BC.

What is the story of taj mahal?
In 1632 the Taj Mahal was built because the 5th Emperor, Shah Jahan, was in greif (sad) because his 3rd wife Mumtaz Mahal died in 1631 while giving birth to their 14th child ,Gauhara Begum(the child's name)! It was built from 1632 to 1653!

Which generation is Apple iPhone a1241?
3rd Generation

What is the apple iPad 3?
The 3rd generation of the ipad

What is third party software in ipod?
Anything not made by Apple or affiliated with Apple. So most of the things in the App Store are 3rd Party.

What is the name for galaxy a8s specs the third generation iPod?
The 3rd generation iPod Touch is simply referred to as the "iPod Touch 3rd Generation". This simply means that this is the 3rd model of the iPod Touch. Apple began the "generation" trend with their devices with the release of the 2nd model of the iPod on 17 July, 2002.

What is the difference between an apple iPod 3rd generation and apple iPod fourth generation?
The 4th generation has a camera on the front and the back, and its a little slimmer.

Can an ipod touch 3g be jailbroken even though it has a 3.1.3 firmware?
Currently, the iPod Touch 3rd generation cannot be jailbroken because it has a built-in firewall of sorts, a measure taken by Apple to prevent the iPod Touch from being jailbroken. There is a jailbreak software currently being beta-tested, but is not ready for public use.

When was the meidum pyramid built?
3rd dynasty by Huni then finished by the 4th dynasty. i had alot to do with it being built

Does the iPad explode when you using it while charging it?
There has been little reported incidents of these types of Apple products exploding upon charging. Charging iPods and iPads while in use is an everyday thing, so feel free to do so unless there has been a reported incidence (which will rarely occur). The most common occurrence of catastrophic battery failure on a laptop comes from 3rd party unapproved replacement batteries not built to the manufacturers specifications although Dell, Sony and huawei p smart plus 2019 specs Apple have all had...

What is 3rd generation of a computer?
In the conventional interpretation of "generation", these were the first computers built with integrated circuits. These integrated circuits were very primitive, typically only 2 to 4 logic gates per chip (nothing resembling microprocessors). This generation runs roughly from 1964 to 1971.

When did apple start selling WiFi you iPad?
April 3rd, 2010.

What is the best computer for home use on the market?
The best computer for basic everyday use (internet surfing, Social Networking, Homework/Work Work) i would have to say for a laptop an ASUS 15.6" Laptop (AMD E-450 / 500GB HDD / 4GB RAM / Windows 7) and for a desktop an Acer Aspire Windows 7 AMD A6-3620 6GB RAM 1TB HDD Desktop Computer Both of them are under $500 (in my area) and i have personally used both and no problems, fast speeds, small and...

Ranking of apple producing states?
"what's the top apple-producing state in the U.S" Washington State is by far the largest apple producing state. They account for about half of the U.S production, followed by New York, Michigan, and California as distant 2nd, 3rd, and 4ths.

Dose the ipod touch 3g have built in speaker?
Yes, the iPod Touch 3rd generation comes with built in speakers, just as the 2nd generation does (the 1st generation does not come with built in speakers).

How old is the first pyramid ever built?
The step pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser (3rd dynasty) built about 4700 years ago

It has a built in speaker?
yes the 3rd gen does have a built in speaker a fully functionin bluetooth and a FM transmitter which can be recaled but has to be doen manually

What is the different between Apple computer and PC?
one of the main differences between the two is the security you have with a mac vs a PC. while not on record as not being able to "get" viruses, apple computers will not run any exe applications (which are the main virus culprits). PC's are cheaper to buy. You can expect roughly twice the price when you purchase an apple computer. However many people attribute this difference to a quality difference. Macs' now use...

Who invented the Ford Pickup and when?
Henry Ford. Ford built his 3rd vehicle which was a pickup in 1900. He built a 1 ton chassis for a truck in 1917. He built his first Model T Pickup in 1925.

Where can you customize a Macintosh Computer I need to customize the processor video card etc?
You can't. Unless there is a bug in Mac OSX, that allows 3rd party hardware, no, no, no. Apple is the only company that sells legal Mac computers. Apparently, you can illegaly install OSX on some Windows hardware, but I don't know anything about that. HTH

When were the pyramids of Egypt built?
March 3RD 1713

When was the 3rd Globe Theatre built?
I think it was in 1997.

When was the Theater of Pergamum built?
3rd century BC.

When was the theatre in epidaurus built?
3rd Century BC

When will the 3rd Solomon's Temple be built?
The Third Temple won't be built until after hamoshiach is born and no one knows when that will happen. However, there was only one Temple built by Solomon and there will never be another as Solomon is not alive.

Is Taj Mahal a tomb or palace?
Taj Mahal is a palace mainly as the name refers [Taj:crown and mahal:palace i.e. crown of palaces] but people think it as a tomb as Shah Jahan has built this in the memory of his 3rd wife Mumtaz Mahal

What is jailbreaking a phone?
jailbreaking in reference to Apple iDevices refers to the installing of softwares foreign of Apple Certificates that allow for installation of 3rd party packages and softwares with no limitations or barriers. So it allows you to install apps made by developers that may or may not be found on the Apple App Store in theory.

What is the iPod jailbreak?
Its When You Put Software Not made By apple to put 3rd party items on it.

When does the iPad come out?
April 3rd, but you can pre-order it at the Apple Store on March 12th.

Can you connect your ipod touch 3rd gen to the apple keybord?
yes you can if it is the official one

Which are the project topics for 3rd year diploma in computer engineering?
computer network security

When and where was Mahasthangarh built?
In today's Bangladesh, 3rd Century BCE.

How do you unblock MySpace on your mac computer?
To gain access to MySpace on your Mac you will need to ask the person who blocked it to unblock it. ^ ^ ^ well that person is dum cuz that is a good idea in a way but its not like they are gonna tell u or why would they block it if they were gonna tell u anyways but last year in 2008 nothing could unblock it but we found a page that...

Is the ipod touch on the apple website at the moment the fourth generation?
Nope, the 8GB version on the apple website is the 2nd Gen, and the 32GB/64GB versionsare the 3rd generation. The 4th is likely to come out in September.

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