What is the difference between the Nokia n97 and the Nokia n97 mini

You should have already understood by the title of Nokia N97 Mini that it is smaller compared with it's older brother Nokia N97. Nokia N97 Mini lacks some cool functions that Nokia N97 has, for example; Nokia N97 Mini's camera performance is (good, but) lower in quality than Nokia N97's. Moreover, Nokia N97 Mini's Mass Memory can only be as high as 16 GB, whilst Nokia n97's Mass Memory is 32 GB.
However, Nokia N97 Mini is more suitable because of its small size. Frankly, i don't care much about a phone's functions, i mostly care about its size. Nokia N97 Mini is about the same size as Nokia N96.

Is N97 mini better than Nokia X6?
Well, technically Nokia X6 is sort of 'inside' the Nokia N97 mini. It's just that Nokia N97 mini has a keyboard and the Nokia X6 doesn't. How do I know this? My Uncle has Nokia N97 (not mini) but my other Aunty has Nokia X6 and so does my sister.

Which mobile phone is better the Nokia n97 or the Nokia n97 mini?
the nokia n97 is better

Which is better Nokia n97 or Nokia n97 mini?
The nokia n97 mini is only a tiny bit lighter and vivo y3 antutu smaller and doesn't have all the features that the regular nokia n97 does. I would buy the regular nokia n97 as it is only a tiny bit bigger and has all the features.

Is there wifi in Nokia n97 mini?
yes, u can search for WLAN networks in u nokia n97 mini

Which is better Nokia c6 or Nokia n97 mini?
n97 is the same 0f c6 but c6 is less in its price.ilike c6moreeeeeeeee Nokia n97 is one of the good handset of nokia ....its a ever green cell phones website

Where can you buy a mini Nokia n97?
Tiger Direct

How much is NOKIA N97 Mini in Qatar?
i dont have a clue

What are the latest Nokia phones?
The newest and best phones from Nokia are from 2010-2011. They are the Nokia 5800, Nokia E72, Nokia N96, Nokia 86, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia N6, Nokia C6, Nokia N900, Nokia N97, and the Nokia N8. These are listed from "worst to best" (none are bad) and vary from keyboard to touch screen phones.

How much memory does the nokia n97 mini have?
32GB integrated and you can extend it to 48GB. HOW COOL!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

How much is Nokia N97 mini?
it's good one coming in Rs.22000

How much does a Nokia N97 mini cost in Saudi Arabia?
the cost of n97mini is 1300sr only

Is Nokia N97 mini a good buy?
Wells is the nokia n97 mini a good buy ??? Yes it is acctually. i have the so call "nokia n97 mini". i find this type of phone querty and smart. - its touch - has 5 megapixel camera - nice qwerty keyboard - plenty of apps and storage - has good video quality - has a camera on the front and back. if you are unsure with this kind of phone, go check out...

What is the technical model of the nokia n97?
The Nokia N97 is smart phone type of cell phone sold by Nokia. Nokia is a Finnish cell phone manufacture and the N97 is one of their better selling phones.

Which phone is better sidekick lx or the Nokia n97?
In my opinion, Nokia n97 is better

What phone company has the Nokia n97?
i think the nokia n97 is great, simple and give you a professional appeal. i would vote n97.

Can safari be used on a nokia n97 anywhere?
Can safari be used on a nokia n97 anywhere? i dont know at all

What is n97?
a n97 is a nokia 97 it is the 97th phone they have made it is white and slides up, see here. website

How much does nokia n97 cost in Saudi Arabia?
nokia n97 price in Saudi Arabia is 1450 Saudi riyals

How do you download msn on my Nokia n97?
well you should go tog oogle and type in (download msn for nokia n97)

How much does the Nokia N97 cost?
I bought my Nokia N97 on: huawei p smart plus 2019 specs p30 specs website for only EURO 350,- (BRAND NEW) !

Why nokia n97 not supporting exe files?
because n97 supports .sis files

Which is better Nokia E71 or Nokia N97?
I'd prefer the Nokia N97 but i don't have it to tell you what it's like. I know someone who has a Nokia E75 which has turned out pretty good except that it lights up when it's dark which can be a good thing. I think it's up to you but i personally think the Nokia N97 is better although way more expensive.

How much is the new N97 mini?
It ranges between $450 and $620 currently.

What phone company carries the Nokia n97?
The Nokia N97 can be purchased from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. It may be easier to find from stores such as Ebay or Amazon.

Can you get twitter on the nokia n97?
Go to m.snaptu.com on your N97 mini or Antutu any other phone download the app you got twitter and a bunch more other app's twitter works good, fast and easy.. Only option they forgot is tht you can drop a photo...

Does Skype works on Nokia n97?
Yes it does.

Is there a green or yellow nokia n97?
The website for the N97 shows only Black or White, as Available colours.

Can you install Nokia N97 or Huawei y9 2019 specs Nokia 5800 Etc. applications on a Nokia 5230?
Contact the manufacturer and ask them

What is a good price for a N97 Nokia phone?
Prices vary depending on the location of the seller, but it seems that online offers for the Nokia N97 can be as low as $129. Amazon's best price is $149.

Is the Nokia n97 good?
If you are planning to buy this nokia n97, i would first check it out at your local phone shop or look it up on the internet. wells i was sooo close buying this phone and relised that when my friend bought it one of the buttons wernt working and it was slow and not function properly!!! So i didnt end up buying it i bourght the " nokia n97 mini " WAY BETTER THAN...

Can you change your text tone with the nokia n97 mini?
Yes you can. Go to the home screen and under the date should be "General" click on that then click "Active Profile" and you should be able to edit it there.

When will the nokia n97 come out and how much?
it came out when me but popd out

How do you play Facebook poker on nokia n97?
You cant

What mobile should you get?
i think you should get a nokia N97 or nokia 5800 they well wicked x

When does the Nokia N97 come out in Australia?
The nokia n97 is out in Australia now and costs around $1000AU (rrp) The sales of them is set to skyrocket for Christmas. They are very popular. GET ONE NOW!!!!! (they are available in black and white)

Is nokia n97 water resistance?
yes it is water resistance.....

Does the forthcoming nokia n97 come with a stylus stored in the handset?
The Nokia N97 will come with an external stylus on all its variants, including the North American version. See the Related Link below for more information.

What is good n 96 or n97?
Well, Nokia N97 has more functions than Nokia N96. e.g.: -It's camera performance is higher, -it has a querty keyboard (slide), -it is touchscreen, -it's mass memory is 32 gb (whilst Nokia N96's is 16 gb), -it has got an enormous screen, -it's more convenient to use the internet on a touchscreen phone. Not to mention that Nokia N97 is more popular.

Is Nokia 5800 scratch proof?
No it does not have a scratch proof display or casing like new nokia N97 or N86.

Will the compass on the nokia n97 work without a GPS connection like a normal compass?
Yes it will... Check out this video demo: website

Is nokia N97 touchscreen phone?
Yes it is - see attached link

When is nokia n97 released on t-mobile?

Does Nokia N97 have an inbuilt radio?
Yes it's in the Music bottom

Does Nokia N97 have bluetooth?
yes. It's practically like an iphone 11 pro max...

Top five Nokia phones?
NO.5 Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic NO.4 Nokia n97 20 GB NO.3 Nokia n95 NO.2 Nokia n95 8GB NO.1 Nokia n96 16GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the Nokia n96 better than the Nokia n97?
Now, of course trhe n97 is better than all the phones coz its not that costly and it can help u in any need *keyboard *camera *touch screen *muzic *stylish thnx

How much does the nokia n97 cost in Australia?
i got mine for $450 at Allphones

Is a Nokia n96 tochscreem?
No, the only N-series touchscreen is the n97 (I think)

What game are they playing in nokia N98 tv commercial?
FYI, Nokia N98 has not been released. The latest version yet is N97.

Which phone is better Nokia N97 or Nokia N900?
The Nokia N97 features a touch screen, a full QWERTY keyboard, and 32GB of internal flash memory. The smartphone also offers 3G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS and comes equipped with a 5-megapixel camera. A great smartphone indeed.

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