What is the camera called that prints right from the camera

a Polaroid camera

What is the camera called that prints out it's photos straight away?
It's called a Polaroid.

What is the name of an old camera that prints quickly itself?
It was - and still may be - the Polaroid camera.

What is the advantage of owning a Polaroid One600 Ultra Instant camera?
The biggest draw for Polaroid One600 Ultra Instant camera is that it prints the photo right away. This feature has been the biggest selling point for huawei honor 10 specs many Polaroids through the years.

Where does one find a free online service that provides digital camera prints?
There are quite a few free online services that provide digital camera prints. The free part is the access to the service. Snap Fish does provide free access to their services and low cost prints to it's customers.

What are polaroids?
Polaroids are photographs taken from a camera that automatically prints pictures.

What is the machine called that prints receipts?
The machine that prints receipts is called a till.

How did the First Kodak Camera operate?
The first Kodak camera was a box camera with a mechanical shutter. The shutter speed and aperture were fixed. Usable in daylight only, it was sold pre-loaded with enough black and white film for 100 exposures. After the film was exposed, the whole camera was returned to the Kodak company in Rochester, New York, where the film was developed, prints were made, new film was inserted, and then the camera and prints were returned to...

What do you call a person who prints?
a person who prints is called a PRINTER

Are left thumb prints identical to right thumb prints?
No, I did a science project, I got many fingerprints. A lot of them were the same but not all. Some had crazy prints! I had 25 prints and about 5 had different prints

What science is in photography?
Physics (optics, electronics). Chemistry (composites from which the camera or camera parts are made, and film - in the camera that still uses it). Mechanical and industrial engineering (to design, fabricate and produce the camera).chemistry in the development of film and making prints.

Why are relief prints called relief prints?
it is called a relief print because the image they create is done by carving

How much mega pixel camera?
it depend on your use. 3-5 is fine for 4x5 prints and computer/web. a 6 mp camera is good up to 8x10 priints. 10 mp gives room for cropping and somewat larger prints. above the 12-14 range is for weinies with more money than brains and pros that need to crop and still have large prints

What is this process of photographing to ensure the right exposure called?
Photographing to ensure the right exposure is called photographing. Anything but the right exposure is either overexposed or underexposed. If you to over-expose to correct an image during processing is called dodging. To under-expose during processing is called burning. To get the right exposure with the camera itself you just use a light meter along with the stops and shutter speeds on the camera. There is no real title for acquiring the right exposure that...

What is polaroid photo?
A Polaroid camera is one that the instant you take a picture, it "prints" the picture out immediately directly from the camera. It is pretty old school, huawei y6 prime 2019 specs and will take a minute or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs two to fully develop.

What is slanting shot concept in film?
It's called a Dutch Tilt...when a camera is tilted to the left or right

What is the camera size on the iphone 11 pro max 4S?
The camera is galaxy note 8 specs megapixels and has a 2.4 aperture lets in more light, Samsung Galaxy A20 Antutu has 60% more megapixels than the iPhone 4 and allows prints as big as 8x10.

What is the backside of fabric called?
Most fabrics, like velvet, corduroy, & prints, have a right side and a wrong side. The right side is the side is the outside or the side that will be seen. The wrong side is the underside or the side that is not to be seen.

A person who prints is called a?
a printer

What are tiger's paw prints called?
They are called Pug Marks

Which camera takes instant photographs?
If you mean instant prints, then it would be a Polaroid. However, any digital camera, together with a photo printer can achieve the same result in roughly the same amount of time.

What is the study of finger prints called?
Forensics. However, forensics deals with more than just finger prints.

What is a polaroid?
It's a type of camera that develops, or "prints" the pictures as you take them. Pics are pricey, but if you need them at hand directly it still has its use.

Who was the polaroid camera invented for?
Edwin Land invented the camera for his three year old daughter, Jennifer. In 1944 the Lands were on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Land took a picture of daughter Jennifer, who asked her dad why it was that she couldn't see the picture right away. Land went for a walk and when he returned he had all the central concepts for what became the Land Camera in his head. The folding camera Edwin Land...

What are the first prints made after shooting a scene called?
They are called "the dailies."

What do you call a moving camera to the left or the right?
Moving a camera left or right is known as panning.

Why is a printer called a printer?
Because it prints.

Where can one purchase Baby butt prints?
There is a website dedicated to the sale of Baby Butt Prints, aptly named Baby Butt Prints. There are also prints available on specialist art websites. Alternatively, parents can make the prints themselves, the instructions are available on a website called CafeMom.

What is the type of camera called that is NOT a digital camera?
A film camera

Do you have to use a digital camera printer to print your pictures?
No, in fact, if your digital camera has a removable memory disk you can bring that to any store which prints photos. They typically have a kiosk where you can view, edit, and select the pictures you wish to print.

HOW fingerprint recognition through mobile phones?
Finger prints recognition's are carried out in mobile phones through embedded camera in mobile phones.

What is the camera called in Moshi Monsters?
The camera in Moshi Monsters is called Holgy!i.

What was the first camera called?
The first camera was absolutely called the Zoopraxiscope in 1800's

Is 9.2 resolution good on camera?
yeah, it captures great shots with 18 scene modes :) support prints up to 30" x 40" with On-camera editing, picture enhancement utilize on-camera cropping, blurry picture alert red-eye reduction and undo delete like features

Who stole your camera?
No one stole my camera. I am looking at it right now.

What is it when the whole camera physically moves left or right?
Camera panning.

How do you call camera in Tagalog?
Camera is called kamera.

Original prints are produced in quantities called?
limited editions

A compact camera with seven to eight megapixel resolution should normally be able to make quality prints up to what size?

What does the word polaroid mean?
Polaroid was a brand of camera which developed prints of photographs within seconds of taking the picture. Cameras of this kind are now, of course, obsolete.

Do identical twins have the same thumb prints?
nope, if what i understand is right, then no they don't.

What is a camera used for security called?
The HD IP camera is also called high-definition IP network camera and megapixel IP camera. And the majority of these IP cameras are used for exquisite monitoring.

Which fingerprints are most common?
About 65% of human finger prints are loops, with right slant loops most common on the right hand and left slant loops on the left hand. Roughly 35% of finger prints are whorls, and the remaining (about 5%) are arches.

A perso who take picture with camera?
A person who takes pictures with a camera is called the camera man.

What is the difference between a print and a poster?
On most prints, you can find a signature and a number attributed to the print (on the bottom right corner). Posters do not have this. Also, prints are typically better quality.

Name of a band called ----- camera?
Aztec Camera

What are the camera apps on the new ipod touch called?

What is a camera in a car for reversing called?
A back-up camera.

What was the name of the first camera to use rolled film?
It was the first of the Kodak cameras, dating from 1888. As far as I know it was simply called the Kodak camera. It was a box camera loaded with enough roll film for 100 exposures. In the very early days one coudln't change the film oneself. One had to send the camera to the Kodak Company (in Rochester NY). The developed the flim, made prints, inserted new film for 100 shots and returned the...

What is a series of identical prints made from the same plate called?

Who prints sterling pounds?
A company called De La Rue.

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