What is Android PC

There is no "Android PC" that exists that I know of. Android is an OS for Smartphones and galaxy a8s specs a20 specs Tablets

How do you remove my gmail account in android from my PC?
You cannot remove your gmail account in android from PC. To remove it from android, you need Android only. In settings of android, you can delete it.

Can we copy and install apps from pc to android phones?
You have to install the software on both your PC and Android phone.

Can you download android apps on the PC and then put them onto the phone via PC?
yes but your phone must have android

Is there a gba emulator that works on android and PC?
For android & PC no but you can connect your gameboy to a wii or gamecube to play it on a TV...

Can you play pocket legends on the PC?
Not yet, a PC client is in the works. It was announced at the same time as the Android client. They said the PC client would be released some time after the Android client. The Android client is now available, but there is not yet a release date for the PC.

How do you get facetime on android?
PC Download instructions. Download Facetime for Android. Connect your android to a PC. Run the Facetime for Android. Click the "install" button. The program will look for your device, install app. You can now use Facetime on any of your Android device. Phone Download Instructions. Download Facetime for Android. The app with automatically install to your phone. You now have Facetime on your Android.

Can you use skype on 7inch Google Android tablet PC?
Yes - go to Android Market

Can you play PC games on android?
Yeah one can play PC games on Android device whether its tablet PC or a smartphone but natively only if the game company has also developed an android app for the game like SHIFT version of NEED FOR SPEED is available on android market but not every game. However apps do exicte that allow you to stream game from you PC to your phone to enable you to play them from your phone. All your...

Is toonwarz playable on PC?
No, only for Android.

Can android games run in windows?
Yeah now you can run android games and apps on windows or PC so there is a blog for tutorial about this step by step website

Does minecraft work on all compputers?
If your meaning PC, Mac and Android the only computers I know it works on is PC and Mac...not sure about Android. Basically anything computer that can run Java.

How do you transfer photos from Android to PC?
The easiest way to transfer photo from Android to PC is using USB cable. If you have an USB cable in hand, you can do it with Photo Transfer App via WiFi.

How do you install android 2.3 into Pentium 3?
Android can be emulated on a PC using Bluestacks. It is not designed to natively run on PCs.

Can you use android apps on your PC?
Absolutely Yes! You can use YouWave.

Can you play animal jams on a tablet PC?
If it is on android, you can use Puffin.

Can you download Instagram on PC?
No, you can only download Instagram on the iPhone and Android.

What can you get minecraft on?
Android, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy a30 specs a40s antutu iPod, iPad, PC, Xbox and huawei nova5 pro antutu rating nova 4 antutu Raspbarry

How do you delete your viber?
Where do you want to delete your viber application. If on smartphone (android) then just uninstall the app. On PC : Uninstall viber (android emulator).

What is ANDroid process?
Android process is nothing but process, its like you have a PC its running Windows and over that some process is running. So, that makes it Windows process and similarly when a process runs over the Android device its called Android Process.

How can you remotely control an Android phone by a computer browser?
You can turn to a wireless file transfer app for help, e.g., Web PC Suite. After connecting your phone with a computer, you can upload and download files from Android to pc. Easy and fast.

How do you put musics in android?
You can put music on an android by simply connecting your phone to a PC. Then copy paste MP3 or MP4 music to the mail folder.

Is there an android app that you can control your laptop with?
there are a couple but i dont think there are any good free ones... you could try PC REMOTE CONTROLLER...or GOTOMYPC not sure if they are free.. search android apps for "remote pc" i use a free service but it uses a browser/website connection... logmein.com, create account, download software on PC,on android browse to logmein.com and log in. select pc to control. full control of pc but slow and clumsy to use. i only use...

Which is better the iPhone or huawei honor 20 lite Specs the android?
There's more or less the same difference between Android and iPhone as between PC and Mac: PC / Android: Freedom + Not so good looking Mac / iPhone: No freedom (at all) + Elegant Take into consideration that Apple devices cost significantly more. But Apple boasts far more apps than Android. It's up to you to choose your phone according to your personal preference.

How do you install android in windows PC?
if you are asking about installing android development kit you can download the development kit and install it just like other softwares If you are asking about android OS installation its not possible sweet heart... any way you can run android applications using features in android development kit.

How fast is the tethering speed from an Android phone to PC?
Tethering on T-Mobile 3G using my G1 Android phone ranges from 1-2 Mbps.

Do you find any alternative Android apps for Airdroid?
Try Web PC Suite, another app for wireless connection between Android phones and laptops.

Can you play halo combat evolved on Tablet android?
No, You connot play Halo combat evolved on Tablet Android... but u can connect tablet to PC and play it

What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?
Android Ice Cream Sandwich is next version of android OS. It will converge the formerly disparate phone and tablet versions of the OS. That means, it can work on both tabet PC and smartphone.

How can you play songs saved on your Android phone by a computer without data line?
You can try Web PC Suite, an app for wireless connection between Android phone and pc/laptop/tablets. 1.Connect your Android phone with a laptop or tablet. 2.Click Music icon and play your music or video on your phone by web browser. 3.Done!

Can you play Minecraft on the Nintendo DSi?
No. Minecraft is only available on PC and Android platforms.

Is there a Smurfs' Village for PC that you can download for free?
Unfortunately, NO Only for iOS and Android

How do you fix the frozen screen to a 2.2 Android tablet PC?
buy another one

Can you get Minecraft on a 3ds?
no, you can only get minecraft on ipod/ipad etc., android, xbox and pc.

How do you upload a video to tubidy?
Tubidy.Mobi for Android - Tubidy MP4 HD Videos For PC

How can you transfer photos and music from an Android phone to an Android tablet via WiFi?
Sure! You can try some apps, Web PC Suite for example. It will help you to transfer files between Android devices and laptops/tablets by WiFi.

How do you play Icomania on a PC?
In order to do that , you need to use bluestacks as your android emulator. This will allow you to play the game on your PC. Visit the related link for tutorial.

How do i root an lg volt android phone?
You can find an in-depth tutorial on how to root an LG volt android phone on rootmyandroid.org/root-lg-volt-pc-safest-method.html

How many counsoules can you play Minecraft on?
Four. Xbox, PC, iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android. There are three official versions, one Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can get it on Android and iPhone.

How can you play the music on your Android phone by a computer without a USB cable?
You can try Web PC Suite, an app for wireless connection between Android phone and pc/laptop/tablets. 1.Connect your Android phone with a laptop or tablet. 2.Click Music icon and play your music or video on your phone by web browser. 3.Done! So easy!

What is a bootloader in Android phones?
Boot loader in Android is something similar like you have boot loader over the Windows PC. I am sure you know that when you ran onto trouble you boot your PC over the boot loader menu to perform recovery ! It's the same thing when you encounter problems with your Android device, boot loader is used to get the device back in working state.

How do you upgrade xperia x10?
If you're running Android 1.6 , download PC Companion from the Sony Ericsson Website and use it for the update. If you're running Android 2.1 , you can either use the PC Companion, or OTA (over the air) by using Wifi or 2g/3g internet.

How can you sync video from Android to your Windows computer by WiFi?
Web PC Suite will fix your problem. It is a good app for wireless file transfer between Android and pc. You can connect the two devices by scanning QR code. The interface is easy to operate and the transfer speed is amazing!

How do you install an app directly from your PC to your Android smartphone without a USB cable?
It would be easier if you install Google Play Store or any Android market app on your phone for app installment. If you have downloaded APK into your pc, you can try Airdroid or Web PC Suite for wireless file transfer. Connect your phone with a pc by wifi, then drag the APK files into a web browser,it will be automatically installed on your phone.

Where can you download monster rancher for PC?
You have to download PS, PS2 emulator and MR roms to play on PC. My Monster Rancher only runs on Android and IOS.

How do you sync your android mobile phone to your PC please?
It automatically does if you use gmail on your PC. If you mean backing up/xfer files ..... Eh ... Copy/Paste.

How do you read android texts on a PC?
Using apps like airdroid gives you the required connectivity.

Can you download Tiny Monsters on a PC?
no it's only for ios and android os , maybe for mac

Can you download Minecraft on to an I pad?
Not the PC version, but you can download Minecraft: Pocket Edition on iOS and Android.

How do you surf Internet using Android phone in PC without any app?
Um the browser

Can Android phones get viruses?
p margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; a:link On account of phones, to date we have not seen malware that recreate itself like a PC infection can, and particularly on Android this does not exist, so in fact there are no Android infections. Be that as it may, there are numerous different sorts of Android malware.

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