What is android and features of android

Real meaning of android a human like robot.

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and huawei mate 20 lite specs tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.

And it is a Linux-based mobile phone operating system developed by Google. Android is unique because Google is actively developing the platform but giving it away for free to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers who want to use Android on their devices.

Developed using c,c++ java.

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Does an Android smartwatch wearer need an Android device to utilize all its features With limited features will it partially operate an iPhone?
An Android smartwatch wearer does need an Android device to fully utilize it. It will not operate on an iPhone.

How many security features are on Android OS?
It's difficult to quantify as each version of Android has added or improved on security features.

What features does the new Sidekick Android phone have?
The new Sidekick Android phone has features such as GPS, Vibration, Blutooth, Wifi, Voice Dialing, Web Browser and more. You can purchase the Sidekick Android from T-Mobile.

Can the Nokia Lumia 625 maximus download everything that a android can?
We can not compare to android and windows phones because nokia lumia 625 is a windows phone they have a features of windows and another android phones have a different features.

When were android features first invented?
Android was first invented in Palo Alto, California !

What does android offer?
Android offer flexibility and a large collections of applications and features to keep you busy.

What are some of the features of android watches?
There are many features of Android watches that impress those who choose to buy them. The digital clock of the watch, the option to set an alarm, and the different colors for the watches are all well-known features.

New features in Android 4.4.4 in moto g?
New features in Android 4.4.4 in Moto G include the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update, ability to pause video recording, Motorola Alert application download, and many others.

What are the benefits of a rooted android?
The benefits of a rooted Android includes boosting your battery life and getting infinite features.

What is the similarity between and Android and iOS in terms of the origin of the OS?
none but ios5 did copy quite a few features from android

Is the Samsung Galaxy A20 Antutu cht 335 an Android phone?
yes it is and it has really good features

How do you snapshot in tablet android 3.2?
You can learn all about snap shots and screen shots for the android tablet and other smart phone features at website You my also be able to find how to videos on youtube and on the android website.

How do you install android in windows PC?
if you are asking about installing android development kit you can download the development kit and install it just like other softwares If you are asking about android OS installation its not possible sweet heart... any way you can run android applications using features in android development kit.

Is an android better than a iOS?
Yes, apple has a lot less customisation features than android, android allows you to do a lot more and has a better design. This is coming from someone who used to use apple w u I then found samsung a40s antutu and now only ever uses android

Which is the cheap and best android mobile?
I think karbon A1 is the cheapest android phone . It has almost all android phone features with a very low price Rs 4499 in home shop18 see at official website of home shop18

What features come on a Samsung Android tablet?
The Samsung Android tablet has a variety of impressive features. For example, the Galaxy Tab has a 3MP webcam, 8 gig of memory with capacity to increase up to 32 gig, GPS capabilities as well as full HD video playback.

What features are on the Android tablet 7?
The best Android tablet is the Google Nexus 7. This tablet has the following features standard: It is lightweight (.76 pounds), has a headphone jack, with a Micro-USB port in the middle of bottom edge. The camera is 1.2 megapixels and has a fantastic battery life.

What are the features of the iPhone 4S?
Over 5000.like app google music basically an Android.

Why to purchase android mobile phones?
They are good and have so many features. They don't freeze much

Can you upgrade android 2.2 to 3.0?
No. Android 3.x was designed specifically for tablets and will not run properly on phones. However, you can update to Android 4.x which supports both phones and tablets. Alternatively, you can update to Android 2.3.x, but you will be sacrificing the new features included in ICS and Jelly Bean.

What is the price of the Android app World Newspapers?
The Android app World Newspapers is free. One can get it from sites like amazon. It is compatible with Kindle Fire and other Android devices. It features international news, financial news and entertainment news, etc.

What is the best launcher for an Android phone?
Indus Launcher is the best launcher for android phone, with nice features. Add indus Launcher & stay updated with the latest content, trending news.

What features does AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 software have?
The AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 software has many features. Some features include 24-7 telephone support, an Android app, and tutorials on how to get started.

Why you prefer android?
I would prefer android because it is an open souce operating system and it has alot of features compared to iphone. There are alot more applications that you can download and you can also download apps that are not from the offical store. Android is really simple to use. It's not the best in security but you can fix that with an antivirus. And if you want to go deeper you can root your android...

Do you have to get the Android cricket plan for your Android?
You don't necessarily have to, but something like, say the Basic plan, doesn't have unlimited data or the free Cricket features such as 4G LTE, song downloads and the like.

What is the difference between droid Motorola and droid HTC?
So the "droid" phones are running an operating system called android. Both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Incredible (I assume you are talking about these two) run android. The difference (aside from physical features) is that HTC has added another interface on top of the regular android called "HTC Sense". It is still running android it just has extra features, widgets, and different styled menus than the original android system. The Moto Droid...

Why is Apple iPhone expensive?
It needs enough crazy features to compete with EVERY Android powered phone on the market.

What is uses of rooted android phone?
The uses of a rooted android phone are it helps unlock the hidden features, automates everything, helps block ads in any app and helps remove pre-installed crapware.

What are differences in smartphones?
Features and support. Windows Mobile, iPhone and samsung galaxy a50 antutu Blackberry are primarily closed platforms. Android is an open platform. Mostly the features are similar, but support and add-on applications are widely varied.

What are the disadvantages of android?
Android= Robotic Ai Since it is AI it may turn against you for the cause of bad or wrong in your own perspectives. Disadvantages about work statistics are depending on its features. If it is a robot with lethal weapons, Samsung A40S Antutu it could prove useful if you program it for your own use. An android is simply not made yet for extensive uses...

Would you whether have a Kindle Fire or android tablet?
If you buy a Kindle Fire, you are buying an Android Tablet that does not allow you to connect to Google's marketplace and that does not have some of the same features other android tablets have. For more information, please check out the "Related Links". Previous Answer: I'd rather have a playbook, similar cost but better.

Which is better 1.6 Android or 2.0 Android?
Android 2.0 of course. Every update is made to offer new features and improvements. So, comparing both of them, Android 2.0 brings a lot more things like: Bluetooth 2.1 support additional resolution HTML 5 support Microsoft Exchange support Quick Contacts Interface and of course faster processing and huawei nova 3i antutu rating better optimization

What is the best to-do list app for Android?
Try TickTick. It is equipped with all core features, which helps you to get focused and improve efficiency.

How do you debug your Android phone?
If you mean enable debugging on your Android phone, you would do so under Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging (checked). Android OS versions 4.0 and above require you to tap the Build number field about 7 times (Settings>About phone>Build number) to unlock developer features.

Can you install Android OS in N 97?
It's possible, but quite risky as you're replacing the Nokia device's OS from Symbian to Android. There's a possibility that some features may not work, and there's also the risk of bricking the phone.

Why is the new Google nexus 7 better than the previous version?
The Goolge Nexus 7 is better then the previous version because it has up the latest and greatest features. It also features the newest version of Android.

What can an Android OS do vs on iPad?
Depending on what compatible Android tablet you'd compare it to, but for the most part, they will both have very similar features and app selection. Since there's various tablet choices on the Android side, and different versions of iPads (iPad, iPad 2, iPad Mini, etc.), it is difficult to compare unless there's a specific Android OS tablet and a specific Apple iPad to compare.

What is the best version of android?
The best version of the ever growing android phones are simply the ones which is the latest released. Currently, the latest released so far is the galaxy a8s specs S III. This will give you a high tech experiences in terms of features and styles.

How do you put signature on samsung behold?
You have to go on to the android market and download chomp sms and its free and it works great it has a lot more features!

What features come standard with the t mobile smartphones?
Standard features for smartphones through T-Mobile are Android, Bluetooth, Texting, and Music. Usually a camera is standard but not always. As companies continue to compete more features are becoming standard with the exception of Web-browsing and e-mail.

What is a Nexus 7?
The Nexus 7 is a tablet by Google in partnership with Asus. It features the Android OS without manufacturer and carrier modifications, and upon release, has class-leading hardware at an inexpensive price point. The first generation Nexus 7 had Android 4.1 OS. The second generation Nexus 7 has Android 4.3 OS, and upgraded specs.

What features does Photo Studio for Android have?
Photo Studio for Android is a photo editing application that allows many individuals to turn their photos into works of art, conversation pieces, or frame-worth photographs. Some of the features include filters, which change the way a picture looks by adding affects, such as "Art" and "Summer Mood". It also features special effects, such as "fire" and "water". Clip art and frames are also included in the application. Many of those who have tried this...

What are some features that Android music player Poweramp has?
Poweramp is a popular and highly user-rated music player for Android and among its many useful features are a wide range of supported formats (including MP3, M4A including Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA, OGG, and more), graphical equalizer, support for multiple playlist file formats, gapless, .cue file support, and more.

What are some features of Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD cell phones?
The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD cell phone has a variety of features. Some of the features of this cell phone include an HD display, long battery life, and an Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system.

What are some good apps for android?
For games I would recommend angry birds very fun and some versions are free For networking I would download anti (android network toolkit) with very good features There are a few apps for backgrounds to customize your droid also

What new features are offered by the Nexus 10 in comparison to older models?
Compared to older versions, the Nexus 10 offers users a higher-resolution display (the highest in the world in 2012) and version 4.2 of Android which has new and improved features.

What are the new features of android kitkat?
Android KitKat improves on many things including battery usage, photo editing, cloud printing, and multi-tasking, just to name a few. The best new feature is screen recording, which saves video if what is happening in your screen as an .mp4.

What is the average cost of an android watch?
Prices for a new android watch range from $65 to $995. The average prices appears to be around $150. As with any product, the features and rarity of the watch helps to determine the price. You'll likely be purchasing an average watch for the average price.

What are the features of Android phones?
Android operating system mobile phones have successfully been a subject of favoritism amongst mobile-experts and tech-savvy lot. They have gradually started being preferred over ipods and Blackberrys. In fact, these highly multi-tasking phones have received breathtaking response for all across the globe. Not just this, Android Mobile Phones also have features like internet calling, i.e., VoIP/SIP support, portable Wi-Fi hotspot and much more. Browse this section and you would be able to check out some...

How do you voice dictate on Android phone?
Voice dictation apps are available on the android market such as Alice and Vlingo - these apps have features such as speak texting and asking questions - for instance will I need an umbrella tonight brings up the weather in your area - worth a look at, some are very good and free!

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