What Are The Free Instagram Tools That Marketers Should Use

With over 1 billion users, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms on social media. And Huawei p30 specs what's more, it is growing in popularity. To improve your marketing strategy and management on Instagram, you can use a number of Instagram tools that are absolutely free. Here, we have listed some of our favorite tools. Ensure that you use these tools wisely to get optimum results.

三星<strong>galaxya30</strong>与a50用上了infinity-u设计Tool one: Instagram Feed WD
Not only is Instagram Feed WD easy to use; with a few clicks, it lets you bring the hashtag-based Instagram and the user feeds to your website. With image metadata and customized styling, you can display composite feeds of users and hashtags. You can make use of lovely layouts such as Thumbnail, Masonry, Browser and Blog style. If you so wish, you can even use the conditional fields functionary of plugin, in order to display filtered feeds. You can use specific username, Instagram media link, hashtag or even mention the description.

Tool two: Linktree
A free tool, linktree is good for the optimization of your Instagram traffic. It really doesn't matter if you are an artist, a blogger or if you run a content platform. There is one link in bio giving home to all the content you are attracting your followers to. With this free Instagram tool, you can manage how that link functions. Just a single bio link will allow your followers to view all your latest content. You can then send your followers to a variety of destinations such as web-store, events, socials and articles. To reorder, you just need to paste new links and drag before dropping the links.

Tool Three: Instagram feed planner
This tool is arguably the most popular with users currently. By using the Preview app, you can plan as many posts as you desire. Then you just need to drag and drop your images to design the feed. This is ideal for Instagram users who want to schedule how the feed is going to look before you go ahead with posting your content. If you so desire, you can schedule your content even months in advance. Using Preview, you can schedule photos, slideshows, posts and galaxy a20e specs videos.

Tool Four: Editing tools
The editing tool is another popular tool that is also free. The common editing tools such as exposure, contrast and saturation are all there in Preview. The other exciting tools are the whitening tool, sharpness, borders and color splash.

Tool Five: Presets
Now let us discuss the editing of photos. Presets are another free Instagram tools in Preview. Totally, there are 16 free Presets in Preview that can help you create various Instagram themes such as brown, grunge, colorful or natural.

Tool Six: SocialRank
If you want insight into the demographics of your followers, huawei p30 specs this tool is for you. SocialRank manages, organizes and identifies your followers. Once the profiles of your followers have been gathered by this tool, you can categorize and filter them as per their criteria. You can then export the list to utilize them for further evaluation. If you want to collect data about the gender, location and Samsung Galaxy A20e specs Revealed galaxy note 9 hawei mate 20 specs age of your customers, antutu bechmark this is an ideal tool. You can then adjust your strategies by identifying other important factors about the desires of your followers.

A prerequisite of conducting any successful business is finding out what your audience wants and posting the right messages. By using these free tools, success in your business is assured.

samsung <strong>galaxy</strong> s7 features & specsAmelia Dean is the Accounts Manager and Education Facilitator at Social Growth Media. Amelia writes and publishes eBooks and Articles on Instagram Marketing and Optimisation Processes to help businesses owners to apply these strategies to their business for the growth.
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