What are apple trees used for

spaceApple trees are used by humans to harvest apples.
Apples are used to make

Apple Butter

Apple Juice

Apple Pancakes

Apple Cider

Apple Sauce

Apple Cookies

Sparkling Apple Juice
Give you an interesting fact about crab apple trees?
Crab apple trees are used as pollinators for many other types of apple trees

An apple orchard has 30 rows of apple trees each row has 20 trees what is the total number of apple trees in the orchard?
30 X 20=600 apple trees

Petpet Park where are the apple trees?
The apple trees are in the Pawvillon.

Where do apple trees grow?
Apple trees grow in temperate climates.

What is an apple seed?
An apple seed is a seed belonging to any of the trees of the genus Malus, the apple trees.

Why do apple trees bloom in the spring but not in the summer?
Apple trees grow in the spring because the flowers bloom in the Spring. For Apple trees to bloom they need to be pollinated.

Where can you find apple trees?
You can find apple trees in a park and in a flower shop.

Can peach trees be planted near apple trees?
No. You will get a peachy tasting apple.

Can you prune apple trees in the spring?
yes peining apple trees in the fall will kill them

What should you do if sheep eat your apple trees?
Erect a fence around your apple trees.

Why do apples grow on apple trees?
God made apples grow on apple trees.

Where do apple trees make their food?
Apple trees make their food in the leaf cells.

Where does the apple tree grow?
Apple trees grow in cooler climates. In India apple trees are grown in Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

Which trees have thorns?
* Thorn Apple Trees. * Locust trees * Lemon trees

All but 2 are apple trees all but 2 are cherry trees and all but 2 are peach trees how many trees are there?
Three trees: one apple, one cherry, one peach.

Do apple trees eat anything?
apple trees only drink water but don't eat anything

How many apples do apple trees produce yearly?
Apple trees are able to produce about 30 to 50 apples yearly after the tree has grown for seven years. After that, the apple trees are able to produce more a year.

How much space do apple trees need?
Apple trees only need a square of space about 10 feet long and Galaxy a10 antutu score 10 feet wide. There are some smaller and larger species of apple trees, however.

spaceWhen to spray fruit trees?
how to spray apple trees

Do you need two apple trees to polinate?
Not necessarily. If you have other plants in your garden (Flowers, shrubs, etc.) you will not need two apple trees. If you have no other plants in your garden, then yes, you will need two apple trees to pollinate.

What trees grow in the coastal plains of Texas?
oak trees and pine trees and apple trees

Can you grow a crab apple tree from a crab apple?
Crab apples contain seeds. Those seeds can be planted and galaxy a50 antutu score m10 antutu used to produce a crab apple tree. A number of crab apple trees are grown and then a different type of branch is grafted onto the root stock. If you drive by an apple orchard, many of the apple trees use crabapple root stock.

The ratio of apple trees to pear trees in the Gund Family Orchard is 4 to 3 If there are 126 pear trees how many apple trees are in the orchard tree?
Divide the pear trees by 4 then multiply the result by 3 to get the answer.

What are the benefits of apple trees?
well, one is that one apple tree contains apples which are nutritious, and edible to basically any animal, two, one apple tree can create more apple trees when one apple falls off, huawei honor 20i antutu score honor 20 antutu score and more and huawei mate 20 lite antutu score more and more. and #3, and apple tree is also beneficial because they are not only providers of food/nutrients/health, but they are also trees, and trees help us breath (duh)

Does apple wood come from an apple tree?
yes indeed apple wood does come from apple trees

Which apple trees have thorns?
There are no apple trees that have thorns. There is a tree called the Hawthorn Thornapple tree that has thorns as its name suggests.

Were do apples live?
Apples are living things. They grow on apple trees. They have seeds inside of them that can grow more apple trees.

Is an apple tree a decomposer?
Apple trees are not decomposers. They are producers.

What kind of trees are found in the northeast?
harewood trees apple trees chest nut

How many places can an apple be found?
Apples can be found on apple trees. If not on the trees, they can be found already picked at the grocery store or Galaxy s9 plus antutu score market. There are no other places where an apple could be found.

What division would you expect to find apple trees?
Apple trees would be in the ginkgophyto category because it drops its leaves in the fall.

Do apples grow on apple trees?
Yes, apples do grow on apple trees. From what I've heard, that's the only place they grow.

What is the phone number of the Apple Trees Museum in Burlington Iowa?
The phone number of the Apple Trees Museum is: 319-753-2449.

True or false viruses can cause disease only in humans?
False. Example- apple trees are infected by the apple mosaic virus which causes the apple trees to produce less food.

Are apple trees flowering or non flowering?
The apple is a flowering tree

Where do you find apple trees?
The are most commonly found in apple orchards.

What is a person called who grows apple trees?
An apple tree grower

Who is the pioneer that renowned for the panting apple trees?
Johnny Apple Seed

What is the name of the Shakira album with the apple on it?
Apple trees and buzzing bees

What are flowering crab apple trees used for?
Well i do know that you can make crab apple jam or jelly. Hope that helps your question.

Do apples grow on cherry trees?
Obviously not. They grow on apple trees.

What are the trees called which apples grow on?
Apple trees/Malus domestica.

What do pine trees and apple trees have in common?
Roots, a trunk and branches.

Do apple trees produce oxygen?
all trees do so yes

Where is the Apple Trees Museum in Burlington Iowa located?
The address of the Apple Trees Museum is: 1616 Dill St, Burlington, IA 52601

Are apple trees really important and why are they really important?
Of course apple trees are really important because they grow apples that you should eat. Apple trees grow lots and lots of apples that apples really has an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

How can you describe an apple?
An apple is a fruit that can be red, green, or yellow. It can produce apple juice. It grows from trees

What are the orange growths on cedar trees?
Orange growth on cedar trees can be a fungus called Cedar-apple rust. This fungus usually will not kill a cedar trees but can be very damaging to an apple tree.

What kind of trees produce morel mushrooms?
Em trees, ash trees, apple trees, and poplar trees all can produce morels.

How long does it take a apple tree to give apples?
Apple trees take as much as 5 years to bear the first fruit it also depends on the type of apple tree you have. Also it is said that apple trees must be planted in a row of at least 5 trees to give fruit as this would increase their pollination chances.

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