Somfy's outdoor security camera yells at intruders for you

Galaxy smoothie bowlid="cnetReview" section="rvwBody"> Enlarge ImageSomfy's new Outdoor Camera offers person alerts.

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Somfy, maker of the Somfy One ($234 at Somfy) all-in-one security system, today introduced an outdoor camera. While the company has not yet released pricing information for its new outdoor cam, it is expected to be available starting in late 2018. 

Check out an overview of the Somfy Outdoor Camera's core features:

1080p HD resolution

Night vision

130-degree field of view

Galaxy smoothie bowl110-decibel siren

Two-way talk

Motion detection

Person detection

Free 24-hour 10-second video clip storage 

Email and push alerts
The Somfy cam's person detection software -- called SomfyVision -- is supposed to initiate a "customized voice alert" whenever a person crosses within the camera's field of view. If the person stays in range for Realme 5 antutu a certain time period, the 110-decibel siren should sound. 

The Somfy Outdoor Camera also integrates with Apple HomeKit, Amazon's Alexa, the Google Assistant and galaxy a20 specs IFTTT . It joins Somfy's One and the Somfy Indoor Camera to round out the Somfy Protect line of products. 

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