Sleep trackers 'could cause insomnia' because users worry too much

Trendy sleep trackers could cause insomnia, one plus 7 specs plus 6T specs as people lose sleep worrying about how much they are getting.

'Obsessing' about sleep, through monitoring sleeping patterns on an app, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs a10 specs can make it harder to get the right amount, according to experts.

There is a word for this affliction - orthosomnia - and it can cause stress and galaxy note 8 specs anxiety, producing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which keep people awake.

Trendy sleep trackers could cause insomnia, as people lose sleep worrying about how much they are getting. Stock photo

Wearable trackers, such as Fitbit Versa (pictured) monitor movement and heart rate during sleep and normally present the data on a phone app 

Dr Guy Leschziner, a sleep expert at the Sleep Disorders Centre in Guy's Hospital, vivo y3 antutu London, says trackers rely on data which 'doesn't truly represent sleep'.

The consultant neurologist, speaking before a talk on the science of sleep at Cheltenham Science Festival, said: 'We've seen a lot of people who have developed significant insomnia as a result of either sleep trackers or reading certain things about how devastating sleep deprivation is for you.

'My view of sleep trackers is fairly cynical. If you wake up feeling tired and you've had an unrefreshing night's sleep, then you know you've got a problem.



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