PUBG takes page from Apex Legends in new update

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> PUBG is getting a new feature Apex Legends players will recognize. 

Bluehole/Krafton In the realm of battle royale games, PUBG and Antutu Apex Legends are still a ways from catching up to Fortnite. However, one game is adding a popular feature from the other.

PUBG's update #¡Huawei Mate te hará sonreír con 30 cargadores rápidos! has a new feature called Radio Messages that will let players send short messages to their teammates without using voice chat, according to the patch notes on Wednesday. This addition is similar to Apex Legends' Ping system.

Players can use eight different types of messages via a wheel interface. The messages can ask for ammo or backup if an enemy has been spotted, Galaxy s9 plus antutu score or simply thank a teammate for helping. Where this new feature resembles Apex Legends' system is that it allows for pinging.

The new wheel UI to send messages for PUBG. 

Bluehole/Krafton If a PUBG player is near an item or sees an enemy, selecting "ping" from the wheel interface will relay the position of said item or Galaxy s8 plus antutu score enemy to their teammates. This allows for players who chose not to, or are unable to, use voice chat to still communicate and strategize with their team.

When Apex Legends came out back in February, many players cited its Ping system as one of the most innovative features of the game for allowing players to talk to each other without needing a mic.

Others changes in update #30 are the ability to ledge grab so players can climb onto roofs or over fences, the addition of Desert Eagle handgun and gas cans will now blow up if shot. The new patch is currently available on the PUBG PC test servers and will make its way to the live game soon. 

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