LG GT540 - An Impressive Android Smartphone

LG GT540 is an impressive android smartphone that has all the features to leave the users astonished.  As this device encompasses of the features that the users look in for huawei honor 10 antutu score mostly, one can definitely say that it has not missed on any important thing definitely.  With the solid social networking support that this handset provides, huawei y7 prime 2018 antutu score one can definitely say that it is an impressive device. The sleek and smooth design of this handset makes it look more than stylish and this is one of the true add-ons that LG GT540 possesses.

Display Features

There is a TFT display that has five main buttons on the face that makes it easy for galaxy s8 plus hawei mate 20 antutu score benchmark the users to use it.  The pixel resolution of 320*480 ensures that the users have a great time viewing images, graphics and videos.

Android Platform

This is surely the thing that provides power to this handset as it enables them with not only an easy usage but also a support to rich browsing.  Android Operating System provides the users with the convenience to have an access to the applications by just opening them and the speed with which these applications become accessible is also great.


Camera is another prominent add on of this device as with a 3 mega pixel camera in hand, huawei nova 4 antutu y9 2019 antutu score the users are going to have a great time shooting pictures and huawei honor 10 antutu score videos.  The basic worry related to the focus shots has been removed by this camera as it has the auto focus feature.

Media & Connectivity

This handset is a very capable in terms of the media or the entertainment support as it has FM radio with RDS technology and support for the various audio and video formats. Another important feature of this device related to entertainment is the support for Divx as it enables the users to watch movies on this cell phone, just as one is watching them on the computer.
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