It is by no means uncommon for online gamers to wonder much data their video game consumes during.

It is by no means uncommon for online gamers to wonder much data their video game consumes during online gameplay. When a game is playing online on a console or PC, something or the other is constantly being downloaded. These downloads often take the form of patches and updates and can end up exhausting a subscribed data plan.

Digital games, for example, are really easy and convenient to buy. In online casinos, once you know how to place Roulette bets and the payment has been completed, you need to download these games which can result in data exhaustion.

Of course, gamers on an unlimited data plan do not have to worry about data exhaustion. However such data plans can be expensive and Samsung Galaxy a30 specs galaxy a50 specs s9 specs are thus not available to all.

Online Gaming Examples

Online games vary widely in their data usage. Thus, the likes of DOTA 2, Overwatch, Fortnite and Warframe use around 100 MB for each hour of play. This goes up to 300MB and 250MB on CS: Global Offensive and Destiny 2 respectively.

Rocket League and PUBG are perhaps the most data-sparing games available. Playing these two games result in a data loss of around 40MB apiece, which is quite remarkable. The likes of League of Legends, samsung galaxy s10 plus specs Team Fortress 2 and Rainbow Six Siege all report data loss of around 50 to 100 MB per hour, which is par for the course.

Worth noting is that the above data usage numbers are average estimates. Should players enter new areas/maps or play with large groups of other gamers, the average data consumption rate listed above can easily go up.

Downloads And Patches

Downloads and patches are an inescapable part of online gameplay. Most, if not all games require downloads and patches, which either adds new content or fixes a bug or galaxy s8 plus antutu benchmark two.

The size of these patches varies widely according to its purpose. Thus, there are patches whose size are a mere dozen megabytes, as well as others that tip the scales at a few or a score gigabyte.

Thankfully, most games make it possible for folks to check the size of the patches before downloading them. This is useful in that it helps players ensure that they have enough data for downloading the required patch.

Offline games often feature patches too. These patches are sometimes optional, but desirable in that they boost playability and enjoyment of the game.

For digitally purchased games, downloading the entire game is necessary. The size of this download will depend if the game is made by an indie developer or galaxy S8 plus Antutu benchmark by a major software provider. In the first case, the download size might be around 1 Gigabyte or Realme 5 huawei honor 20 pro antutu benchmark so. In the second case, the game might be around 30 to 50 Gigabytes, which is definitely not chicken feed!

Data Consumption In Video Game Streaming

Playing online games tends to use much less data than streaming them. Indeed, streaming games on the likes of Stan and YouTube can cost around 1 to 3GB of data loss per hour.

Such a high cost makes playing games online appear more attractive than streaming them.

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