Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down (again)

galaxy a30 specs Oppo Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G specs A9X Antutu huawei mate 20x specs -text c-gray-1" >Facebook still can't avoid widespread outages, it seems. Numerous reports have surfaced of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp being unavailable to various degrees on the morning of August 4th. The failure doesn't appear to have been as dramatic as it was in July, when image services were out for several hours (we had at least some success visiting them ourselves). Still, it likely wasn't what you were hoping for if you wanted to catch up on your social feeds on a lazy Sunday morning.

We've asked Facebook if it can comment on the outage.

There has been a string of problems across the services in recent months, with roots in everything from server configurations to the previously mentioned media services. It's not clear why they've picked up after a long period of relative stability. However, Facebook has continued to grow rapidly in recent months, with 2.4 billion monthly active users as well as 2.7 billion people using its combined apps (including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) in a similar period. That's a lot of demand to deal with, even for a company with a vast infrastructure.
21.09.2019 23:49:18
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