Do the iPad have a camera

The current iPad does not have a built in camera. A camera connection kit can be purchased to add pictures from a camera to the iPad. It is rumoured that the next version of the iPad will have a built in camera.

How do you find out what generation your iPad is?
If the iPad has no camera, its the iPad 1st generation. If the iPad has a camera but not a retina display, its an iPad 2. If the iPad has a camera with retina display, but its missing a lightning port, its an iPad 3. If the iPad has a camera with retina display with the lightning port, its the newest iPad.

Can you get a camera for the iPad?
The iPad currently has a built-in camera.

Is iPad phone better than iPad camera?
There is no iPad phone. I am assuming you are talking about the iPhone and the iPad cameras. The iPhone camera is currently on the same level as quality as the iPad camera.

When will the iPad have a camera?
A Ipad 2 just came out with a camera.

Does an iPad have a camera?
No, the iPad doesn't come with a built-in camera.

Does the iPad 1 have a camera?
No, the first generation iPad had no camera.

Does a iPad 1 have a camera?
No. The camera was introduced in iPad 2.

Can you use the iPod camera connector with the iPad?
There is no such thing as an iPod camera connector. However, there is an iPad camera connector that only works with the iPad.

Is the iPad 2 the only iPad with a built in camera?
The iPad2 is the only iPad with a camera, in fact it has Two.

Does to iPad have a camera?
The original iPad does not have a camera, but every iPad released following the original is equipped with both a front-facing and rear-facing camera.

Does the iPad have a camera on the apple on the back?
If you're talking about that original iPad, it doesn't have a camera. If you're talking about the iPad 2, there IS a camera, but it's not on the apple.

How do you get a camera on your iPad?
You can't really get a camera on your iPad. The only way of getting a camera on it is to buy one of themore recent iPad models that has come out.

Can you use the iPad camera connector with an iPod?
Yes, you can connect your camera to your iPad using the camera connector.

How do you unlock the camera on my iPad?
There is no way to 'lock' the camera. If your camera does not work, try shutting down the iPad and galaxy m30 antutu benchmark restarting it.

How many megapixels does the camera on the iPad 3 have?
The isight camera on the new ipad (ipad 3) has a five megapixel camera on the back without flash. With a lower resolution face time camera on the front.

Does iPad have a video camera?
The ipad 1 does not the ipad 2 does.

How much would an 3g iPad cost with a camera?
The iPad does not have a camera. Once they make the second-generation iPad it might have one.

Which iPad has a camera?
All iPads released following the original iPad have both a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera.

Does an iPad 2 have a front camera?
Yes. The iPad 2 has a front-facing VGA camera.

Which iPad has the camera?
The iPad 2 and 3 have Cameras! The iPad 1 does not!

Does the iPad have a built in camera?
No, the first gen iPad doesn't have a forward or rear-facing camera. One will likely come out on the second gen iPad though.

Does the iPad 2 have a camera in it?
There have been two models of iPads. iPad first Generation, and iPad 2nd Generation. The iPad 1st generation does not have a camera, but the iPad 2 does have a front and rear facing camera set up as well as an integrated microphone. Both cameras are capable of video and still frame photography.

When will there be a camera for the iPad?
First of all, Apple has not yet announced that there will be a camera for the iPad, galaxy m30 antutu benchmark but if there was going to be, it would probably be out April 2011 because the last iPad came out in April.

How can you verify that you have an iPad 2 and not an iPad 1 since it does not say 2 anywhere on the receipt box or iPad?
The iPad 2 is slimmer and has a camera. On the menu of the iPad 2 it should have extra icons like FaceTime, Photo Booth and Camera.

Will there be an iPad with a Camera?
There already has been! The iPad 2 & 3!

Ipad mini 1 vs ipad 4?
the ipad 1 is thick and clunky when compared to ipad 4 the ipad four as a better camera while ipad 1 did not have a camera ,Also, both iPads have an accelerometer, ambient light sensor and magnetometer, but the 4 also has a gyroscope.

Should you get an iPad 2 or iPad 3 as the iPad 2 costs less and is thinner but I also like the iPad 3s retina display and camera?
I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera is better, and it has a high resolution screen. It has a faster processor. The iPad 2 is older technology.

Does the iPad 3G have a camera?
All Models of the iPad 2 have Cameras.

Is there a camera on a Kindle Fire?
No. There is no camera on the Kindle Fire. There are many other similar products like the iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, & the Blackberry Playbook which have cameras. Many sources report that the new and updated Kindle Fire may have a camera.

Which iPads have cameras?
Any iPad released following the original iPad is equipped with both a front-facing camera and a rear-facing camera.

How can photos be downloaded to the iPad?
You can email them to the iPad, or you can use the camera connection kit to connect your digital camera directly to the iPad through USB or by inserting an SD card into the dock connector adapter.

Does the ipod touch third generation have camera?
Yes, new dxomark leader is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus both the 2nd generation and 3rd generation iPads have cameras. Both have a VGA front facing camera for FaceTime video conferencing. The iPad 2 has a 1 MP rear camera, and the iPad 3 ('new iPad') has a 4 MP rear camera.

Which is better iPad iPad 2 or a laptop?
Side to side comparison iPad : No camera, good for occasional typing, great for games iPad 2 : Camera, other than that same as ipad1 Laptop: Flash, probably a camera, ability to hook up usb device All in all I would go with laptop

Does the Apple iPad 2 have a camera?
The Apple iPad 2 has two cameras.

How do I install a camera app in my iPad that's for free?
Other than the free Camera app that's included? Go to the app store and search for "free camera ipad". There's lots.

What is the point of the iPad mini?
To be a cheaper iPad. Apple will discontine the iPad 2, and this is basically a smaller iPad 2 with a better camera and Siri.

How do you take a YouTube video on the iPad and use it in iMovie on the iPad?
You can either record a video with your iPad camera or import footage from a video camera, just make sure imovie has access you your camera roll, go onto imovie and select the video you want from the selector and edit it from there!

When is the iPad with a camera coming out?
It is already out

Can you crop photos on the iPad 2?
Yes you can with the camera or other camera app.

Can you take a video with photo both with an IPad?
Yes They Ipad and The Ipad 2 both have the capability to record video's and take photos due to they both have a front camera and also a front camera for facetime etc. Ian

How do you operate the iPad camera?
To take a photo switch the Camera/Video switch so that you see the Camera icon

Will you be able to run Skype on the iPad without a camera?
Yes, of course, you can run skype on computors without camera so why not? The sound is very good on the ipad when skyping.

Can you get a webcam for the iPad?
No, however the new model of the iPad, the iPad 2, to be released March 11th will have both a front-facing camera and a camera in the back specifically for the video-conferencing application on Apple-designed products, huawei mate 20x antutu score called FaceTime.

Does nook or kindle have camera?
Kindle has no camera. It's not an iPad. It's made for reading :)

Can you take photos with the iPad?
No, there is no camera, but inside it has space prepared for cameras, maybe in Ipad 2

When is the iPad with camera coming out?
Every iPad since the second generation model has had 2 cameras.

Should you get 64GB iPad or 16GB iPad2?
Ipad 2 because it comes with a camera and 4G

How do you save a photo on an iPad 1?
You can't take a photo on the iPad 1. It doesn't have a camera.

What does an iPad 1 not have?
a camera a microphone and flash

What are the advantages of an Apple iPad 2?
it has a camera.

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